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Osaka City Council

Osaka City Council

Site Vidéo: OSAKA BB NET


All-out assistance for areas struck by the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake

All-out assistance for areas struck by the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake

Japan Meteorological Agency

Japan Meteorological Agency

Living Guide for Foreign Residents

Living Information

Information required by foreign residents to begin life in Osaka including detailed descriptions of procedures needed in everyday life, housing information, education, medical care, transportation, and the locations of various places where residents can go for information or to have their questions answered.


Foreign Resident/Foreign Language Support

International House,Osaka

This site introduces and provides a variety of information and materials centered around international exchange including international exchange and cooperation and support for overseas exchange students.

Other Living Guide in Foreign Language

FAQ in Osaka CLAIR たげんごせいかつじょうほう Living Guide

This site introduces and provides simple explanations of various rules and procedures needed for life in Japan.

Sightseeing & Entertainment

OSAKA-INFO(Osaka Tourist Guide)

This site provides information on famous places, restaurants, shopping, events, and places to stay in Osaka.


This site provides various support and services aimed at individuals who wish to enter corporations/ go into business in Osaka.


Fun & Games

This site allows you to learn about Osaka’s charm while enjoying fun games.

A Course in Osaka-ben HOMESTAY IN OSAKA A Course in Osaka-ben

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