Incineration Plant

Overview of Maishima Incineration Plant

Overview of Maishima Incineration PlantOsaka City built a new Maishima Incineration Plant for the express purpose of dealing appropriately with waste treatment and environmental conservation. The Maishima Incineration Plant is equipped with an incinerator and a crushing plant for bulky waste and not only has the latest pollution prevention facilities and uses the heat that is generated to the maximum, in order to preserve the environment the famous Austrian environmental conservation architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser was engaged to design the exterior, making this plant a popular mecca for study tours.

Incineration capacity
900 tons per day
(450 tons per furnace x 2 furnaces)
Crushing capacity
170 tons per day
(iron and aluminum are recycled)
Exhaust gas treatment
bug filter, moist cleaning equipment, catalytic equipment for removing NOx, etc.
Coping with dioxins
The plant keeps exhaust gas concentration below 0.1 nanograms by computer controlled high-temperature operation + use of bug filter + catalytic NOx removal. Dioxins in escaping ash are decomposed with superheated dechlorination equipment
Chimney height
Water conservation
Collects rainwater from the roof. Recycles wastewater.
(Saving appx. 400 tons of water per day)
Exterior designed by Hundertwasser. Aggressively dealing with building greenery, potted plants and trees adorn terraces and windows. Also, by using generated electricity the plant is well illuminated at night.
Construction period
Begun in March 1997, completed in April 2001.
Total cost
appx. ¥60.9 billion
Garbage transport vehicles
For efficient garbage transport taking into consideration the environment, for the first time in Japan four large ten-ton CNG (compressed natural gas) relay mobiles were developed and delivered to Maishima Plant.
1, Hokkoshiratsu 1cho-me, Konohana-ku, Osaka

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Study tour facilities

Special movies not only present easy to understand introductions to the facilities, they also include an introduction to the architect Hundertwasser and show how Osaka City dealt with waste treatment in the past.

Study Tour
Monday - Saturday (Except holidays) 10:00-, 13:00-, 15:00-
Each tour takes about one and half hours.
*The tour may have temporary breaks.
*Admission fee:Free
Group tour is desirable.
Reservation is required by the day 7 days in advance.
*We cannot accept guests without reservations.
English or Simplized Chinese pamphlets and English videos are available. Tour guidance is Japanese only, please arrange an interpreter by yourself or come with Japanese speaker.
  • Take the #81 city bus at JR Loop Line Nishikujo Station, get off at Konohana-Ohashi Nishizume
  • Take the Hokko Bus at JR Yumesaki Line Sakurajima Station, get off at Kankyo-kyoku Mae
Inquiry (Mon-Fri (except holidays) 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00)

Maishima Incineration Plant
TEL:06-6463-4153 FAX:06-6463-7101

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