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The Economic Strategy Bureau aims on leading sustainable growth of the Osaka economy to attract people, goods, and investments from around the world.

To promote and accelerate innovations created by new values, we are involved in increasing the exchanges of population and companies, expanding the scale of the market by promoting investments, and enhancing economic functions. And, we created an appealing campaign, “our specific attractions for business environment and urban appeal ” in order to be highly competitive at a global level with cities all over the world, which will allow Osaka to present itself as a great metropolitan city.

To achieve these objectives, we emphasize on the “Osaka Growth Strategy” External links and “City of Osaka Comprehensive Strategy for Urban Development, Human Resources and Jobs (Draft).” Through the cross-cutting measures of the bureau and the partnership with Osaka Prefecture, it allows us to carry out various efforts strategically and flexibly.To take advantage of the many business opportunities that could arise from the strategies listed below, we will support the strengthening of management in particular Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), so that they become capable in developing energetic business activities.

Greetings from the Mayor of Osaka  

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Policies of the Economic Strategy Bureau

Strategy 1: Realizing improvements of attractions and economic growth utilizing Osaka's strengths and growth potential

» Strategy 1-1: Development and growth for rapidly advancing cutting edge fields on a global scale

Based on the present results implemented by the “Osaka Growth Strategy”, where we collaborate with the Osaka Prefecture, we want to appeal the Kansai region by utilizing the strengths that result from the accumulation of the “Osaka Innovation Hub,” various companies and research institutions. We are working to grow and develop cutting edge fields in green energy and life sciences, along with taking steps to improve the environments that help create and expand business in such fields.

Strategy 1-1 to

Participating in a opening ceremony of the Expo Milano 2015 Holding an international trade fair Osaka City University, Center for Health Science Innovation

» Strategy 1-2: Stimulate regional economic activity through urban appeal and related policies

Utilizing the know-how of the private sector, we work in partnership with Osaka Prefecture to create policies that focus on creating and promoting urban appeal. And, we want to create necessary environments that can effectively respond to the rapid increase of foreign tourists visiting Osaka. In addition, we aim to revitalize the economy and increase activities in the region through strategic promotion of tourism and MICE that are connected with efforts of holding the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Furthermore, we strive on creating a business model that solve problems on various structural levels of society and the economy affected by declining birthrate and aging population. We will support enterprises and human resources engaged in challenging the new business solving problems by utilizing IoT and open data. It is also essential that we form partnerships with neighboring cities.

Strategy 1-2 to

The 'Wall-Tapestry Lighting Show' of Special Performance Osaka Classic Osaka Marathon

Strategy 2: Realizing economic growth by promoting the growth and development of SMEs that bring about economic dynamism

Based on directions of the “Osaka City Basic Ordinance for the Promotion of SMEs” and the “Osaka Growth Strategy”, we will support the growth and development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the main leaders of Osaka's economy and create economic innovation. And we will foster new personnel of economic activity. In addition, by collaborating with Osaka Prefecture and related institutions, we will promote support measures for SMEs to help solve problems concerning management and technology. To gain business opportunities through economic revitalization, it is vital to attract tourists at home and abroad and have company establishments. Furthermore, for revitalization of the local economy, we will collaborate with ward offices to create better environments for community-based shopping streets and manufacturing companies in order to boost efforts of attracting many visitors.

Strategy 2 to

Holding an exhibition Total Luminous Flux Measurement System(Jisedai Hikari Device Hyoka Shien Center) Yahataya shopping street