Duties and Responsibilities of Divisions and Departments

 The following is the organizational structure of the Economic Strategy Bureau:

Division Department Duties and Responsibilities
General Affairs Division General Affairs Department ・Managing personnel, accounting, procurement and administration
・Supporting Osaka City University
Facilities Maintenance Department ・Inspecting, planning, and renovating to conserve bureau facilities
・Inspecting, designing layouts and constructing electro-mechanical equipment for bureau facilities
Planning Division Planning Department ・Comprehensive planning and researching economic strategies
・Carrying out public relations related to bureau duties and responsibilities
・Promoting Osaka’s strategy for creating urban appeal
・Managing meetings for the promotion of Osaka City and Osaka Prefecture urban appeal strategy
Tourism Division Tourism Department ・Comprehensive planning, researching, and coordinating tourism policies
・Carrying out projects related to tourism promotion
・Comprehensive planning, researching and promoting events that improve the attractiveness of Osaka Castle, Tennoji Park and Zoo Area
・Analyzing the history of Osaka Castle and curating historical items such as samurai swords and armor originating from the Toyotomi Period
・Planning and promoting events that improve the urban appeal and water front attractiveness
Cultural Affairs Division Cultural Affairs Department ・Spreading and improving citizen culture
・Promoting art and entertainment
・Planning and managing museum facilities
・Considering the selection of museum management offices that are eligible to become local independent administrative agencies
・Planning and developing new modern art museums
Sports Division Sports Department ・Promoting lifelong sports and local sports
・Managing sports facilities
・Organizing sports tournaments
・Promoting citizen interaction with top athletes
Business and International Promotion Division Business Promotion Department ・Planning and researching business establishments and investments
・Promoting business establishments and investments
・Promoting Special Zones
Business Creation Department ・Promoting business creation in growing fields
Global Innovation Department ・Conducting research, planning and coordinating science and technology promotion measures
International Affairs Department ・Planning globalization measures and promoting inter-city exchanges
・Promoting international economic exchange projects
Industrial Promotion Division Industrial Promotion Department ・Supporting the revitalization of the local economy and promoting industry
・Promoting manufacturing and services related to Factory Location Act
・Promoting commercial activities and services related to Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Act
・Supporting the retail market
・Managing the Agriculture Committee and promoting urban agriculture
* The Agriculture Committee will be abolished on October 3, 2016. The above duties and responsibilities will be taken over by the Industrial Promotion Department.
SME Business Support Department ・Supporting SME business development and business startups
・Providing financial counseling and managing public low interest loan programs for SMEs
Weights and Measures Inspection Office ・Inspecting measuring instruments, providing guidance, and conducting on-site inspections for measurement techniques