Osaka City’s International Network

Exchanges with Sister Cities

Through the broad international network of many sister / friendship cities, friendship cooperation cities, business partner cities and other international affiliations,we aim to promote various exchanges in culture, sports, human resources and economic fields.

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Osaka City’s International Network

Sister Cities / Friendship Cities

Starting with the sister city affiliation with San Francisco (USA) in 1957, São Paulo (Brazil), Chicago (USA), Shanghai (China), Melbourne (Australia), St. Petersburg (Russia), Milan (Italy), and Hamburg (Germany), Osaka has 8 sister/friendship cities with which it has various exchanges in many fields.

Every 5 years, when the anniversary of a sister / friendship city affiliation takes place, many exchanges are held, such as delegation visits and other commemorative events. This encourages closer relations with our sister / friendship cities.

Also, using the sister city relationship as a base, exchanges between citizens, companies, and related organizations in many fields like economics, technology, education, culture, sports and other fields can easily occur. By receiving the understanding and cooperation of the citizens, we can advance the mutual understanding and trust to help maintain prosperous relationships with our sister cities.

Friendship Cooperation Cities

Friendship Cooperation City affiliation was established in 1998 in order to exchange ideas and information on a city level in areas of shared metropolitan agendas such as sports promotion, culture, tourism and environmental challenges.

Business Partner Cities (BPC)

In 1998, we started the Business Partner Cities (BPC) affiliation to help facilitate greater economic exchanges between cities through the leadership of local governments. The BPC network is based in the Asia-Pacific region and it also allows SMEs from Osaka to explore potential business activities in the global market. This dynamic network aims on increasing mutual economic exchanges and development between all the affiliated cities.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Osaka City, according to its important policies, has decided on various exchange themes and is engaging in strategic exchanges with several cities overseas.

Agreement & Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Affiliated Cities

City (Country) Date Content
Nanjing City (China) July 2010 Cooperation in tourism and environmental fields
Shenzhen City (China) July 2010 Exchanges in the environmental fields
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) July 2011 Cooperation in the water and environmental sectors
Yangon City (Myanmar) September 2014 Cooperation in the urban infrastructure development

Agreement & Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Affiliated Institutions

Institution (Country) Date Content
Embassy of Denmark (Denmark) June 2011 Cooperation in robot technology, environment, energy, and design
Fraunhofer IPA “Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation” (Germany) July 2010 Cooperation in information exchange and joint public relations activities, joint workshops and symposia, and joint research and development projects

Sister Ports / Friendship Ports

Since ancient times, Osaka has been involved with the vigorous flow of transport through its ports with mainland China and the Korean Peninsula, which has played a major role in cultural exchange and trade. Presently, Osaka Port has affiliations with seven sister ports abroad. To exhibit international goodwill and prosperous relations, Osaka Port is striving to carry out various exchange projects with its affiliated ports.

Overseas Office

Osaka City has an overseas office in Shanghai. This office is actively involved with information gathering and distribution, and also concentrates on strengthening exchanges in the economic, cultural and tourism fields.

大阪政府上海事務所 Osaka Government, Shanghai Office

大阪政府上海事務所 Osaka Government, Shanghai Office External links

Creating and maintaining a living environment hospitable to residents of all nationalities

The Osaka International House External links was established by Osaka City as a facility devoted to carry out international exchange activities and for the purpose of expanding grass-roots mutual understanding and friendship. This organization provides general information to foreign residents about daily living and conducts projects and programs to support multicultural coexistence in the community. It aims to increase grass-roots international exchanges, inform citizens on international cooperation efforts to promote better public awareness, and offers training seminars for individuals aspiring to work in fields related to internationalization. These type of efforts help contribute to the development of better living and working environments that are hospitable to residents of all nationalities.

Efforts are being made to encourage international students to participate in collaborative volunteering programs designed to globalize Osaka’s communities. These programs will help international students broaden their career potential and become attached to their host communities. Osaka City holds business startup seminars and other useful events for international students to develop and retain individuals who could contribute in furthering the internationalization of Osaka.

Osaka International House

Osaka International House

Information Center in Osaka International House

Information Center in Osaka International House