Dainenbutsuji Temple
@ 7, 1-chome, Hirano Uemachi, Hirano-ku
[ Hirano ] by JR  about 300m to the south
@This temple is the head temple of a Buddhist sect Yuzunenbutsushu. It is said that the priest Ryonin founded this temple in obedience to an Tobajoko's Imperial offering to a deity in the 2nd year of Daiji (1127). This temple was burned down several times since its foundation, but a lot of cultural assets remain now. Moushiteisen Zankan which is an annotated edition about the Shi-Kyo, or the Book of Poetry Sutra  written by Teigen was Sugawara Michizane's genuine writing and is designated as a national asset. It reminds us of a Tenpyo or the middle period of Heian style of a handwritten sutra. This temple is crowded with people on the occasion of Hiranono Oneri on May 1 to 5, which is a ritual ceremony dedicated to Amidanyorai.


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