The site of Nippon Steel Casting Works   
   13, 3-chome, Denpo, Konohana-ku, Denpo Elementary School
[ Denpo ] by Hanshin Line, about 100m to the north
 Nippon Steel Casting Works was the earliest regular steel works in Japan equipped with an open hearth.
 The steel manufactures equipped with a reverberator were in operation in various places about the end of the Edo era. In the Meiji era arms was made by imported hearths and later were sold off by the government to private enterprises.
 After the Japanese-Sino War the development policy of heavy industries was adopted, so Yahata Steel Works was founded in the 34th year of Meiji.
 Nippon Steel Casting Works was founded in Osaka in the 32nd year of Meiji, where an open hearth of 3.5t by Siemens and a gas generator by Dawson were set up and produced the first product ahead of Yahata Steel Works.
 After that the works was expanded but later it got in financial difficulties because of unstableness of its demand and quality.
 The Sumitomo Family purchased all the installation and founded Sumitomo Steel Works here and run it before moving to Shimaya district in the 40th year of Meiji.


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