The site of Temma Kosyoji (Temple)
   7, 4-chome, Temma, Kita-ku, Takigawa Park
[ Temmabashi ] by Tanimachi Line and Keihan Line, about 250m to the northwest
 At first this temple belonged to the sect of Tendai, and later Jodoshinshu.
 In the 13th year of Tensyo(1585) the temple constructed large buildings and precincts in this place.
 In the Edo era, those who belonged to Temmagumi declared their sects to the temple and when they gave birth to a baby, they made it a rule to visit it, so it was called Ubudera, Temple for a newborn baby.
 It often suffered disasters such as the Oshio Rebellion (in the 8th year of Tempo,1837).
 It was reconstructed magnificently in the second year of Ansei(1855). For instance, shoin, the drawing room, was so vast that Kansai Law School used it for 16 years from 20th to 36th year of Meiji but it was burned to ashes by the War. The temple is now situated in Asahi-ku.


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