Tomb of Shinozaki Shochiku   
   2, Yorikimachi, Kita-ku, Tentokuji temple
[ Minamimorimachi ] by Tanimachi Line and Sakaisuji Line, about 400m to the northeast
 There was a private school named Baikasha founded by a scholar of Confucianism Shinozaki Santo.
 Kato Kingo(1781-1851) was one of those pupils who went to this school. He had been a student since 9years old.
 He was so bright that he was asked to become an adopted son by Santo at 13years old in the 5th year of Kansei. Later he was named Shinozaki Shochiku.
 He met Rai Sanyo, who was on his way home from Edo, at 18 years old in the 10th year of Kansei(1798) and learned a lot from him, so he went to study in Edo the following year.
 He opened private school Baikasha as his father did so, in the 2nd year of Tenpo(1813).
 His school became so prosperous that the number of student reached as many as 1500.


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