The site of Senshindo (private school)   
    25, 1-chome, Temma, Kita-ku
in the official residence of the Mint
[ Higashitemma ] by bus, about 150m to the east
 Senshindo is the site of a private school of Oshio Heihachiro, who was a scholar of the Wang Yang-ming school and an officer of the law (Yoriki) in the Temma area.
 He had devoted himself to his education and writing here.
 In those days people suffered from a crop failure and were extremely impoverished.
 He tried to help those people by selling his collection of books but in vain, so he got angry at the policy of the shogunate. He rebelled against the shogunate in spite of his poor preparations on the 19th of February in the 8th year of Tempo(1837) so that the shogunate be aware of the fact how people were exhausted and in this site he fired a cannon.
 The revolt was suppressed in half of a day but affected various districts and gave a hard blow to the shogunate.
 A third of Osaka City was burned to ashes and Oshio, his son were both found in hiding in the city and killed themselves after 40 days of the revolt.
 The tomb was located in the Jyoseiji temple (1-7, Suehirocho, Kita-ku).


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