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Overview of Tennoji Ward
Ward Overview/ Statistical Information

<<Ward Overview>>
 Tennoji Ward is located in the heart of Osaka City. With its approximately 200 shrines and temples, the area has numerous famous historical sites and is quite rich in culture and tradition. Tennoji has many parks replete with trees and greenery such as Tennoji Park and is home to approximately 70 schools, from kindergartens to universities, and other cultural venues such as the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts and Tennoji Zoo.

 Located in the southern part of the ward, Tennoji Terminal is not only a transportation hub for subways and private railways such as JR and the Osaka Municipal Subway, but also serves as a major shopping and entertainment district with the development of large commercial complexes in the area.


<< Statistical Information>>
                            (As of January 1, 2014)
Population: 73,749
Number of households: 36,837
Area: 4,80km2
Ward flower: Peach blossom, Pansy

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