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Osaka Museum of Housing and Living
At the Museum of Housing and Living, take a walk through time and experience the history of Osaka, from ancient Edo to the more recent Showa Periods. You can find a life-size re-creation of an Edo Period street in the exhibition room on the ninth floor. Also video images and elaborate scale models showing Osaka housing and living during and after the Meiji Period can be found in the exhibition room on the eighth floor. Come on in and experience Osaka’s past!

From the entrance to the Observatory:
10F: Observatory
A commanding view of the Edo Period

The 10th floor is an observatory from which you can view the entire section of town reproduced below. Admire the beauty of the houses and feel the bustle of daily life during the Edo Period.
9F: “Old Osaka” - Four Seasons with the Townspeople of Naniwa
A reproduction of Osaka when it was known as Naniwa, long ago in the Edo period.

Visit the life-size reproduction of Osaka and experience life as it was in the late Edo Period (mid 19th century), including models of merchant’s housing (haberdashery, cabinetmaker, kimono shop, etc), alleyways, a town hall and public bath house.

In the exhibition room, there are various events taking place each month. These include regular changes of exhibits twice a year, as well as seasonal decorations for New Years, Girls’ Festival, etc., events such as tea ceremonies, traditional shows and classical performing arts presentations.

• Seasonal change of exhibits
Mid-April to late August:
Summer Festival decorations
Early September to early April:
The Prosperity of the Merchants

Decorations for the Summer Festival

Seasonal display: Girls’ Festival doll display
• Seasonal displays
Special decorations for New Year, Last Day of Winter, Girls’ Festival, Lunar Festival, Seimon-barai (annual discount sale to express thanks to God and Buddha), and other seasonal displays.

• Events
Traditional shows including ‘Rakugo’ comic storytelling, tea ceremony in a townsperson’s house, Koto (Japanese harp) performances, toy-making workshops, Higan (Equinoctial Week) markets and much more!

<Learn about the townspeople>
Open house tours (Sundays and public holidays 13:1014:00); storytelling with picture cards, Japanese beanbag, origami (the Japanese art of paper folding), making connected crane origamis from a single sheet of paper (designated Saturdays and Sundays) and much more!

*Open house tours are conducted according to demand on weekdays and Saturdays.

Event: “Street Stall during Higan”
– Draw the lucky treasure!

Event: Japanese beanbag-making workshop
8F: “New Osaka” - A Panoramic Excursion Through Modern Osaka
Osaka as it was during the Meiji and post-war periods.
Scale models and video images of housing and the townscape convey the essence of Osaka as it was during the Meiji period and after World War II. See the houses and feel the bustle of daily life in the city. Also visit the Exhibition Room to view special exhibits and projects.

• Admission
Adults: 600 yen (540 yen for groups)
High school/university students: 300 yen (270 yen for groups)
* Group discounts are available for 20+ people.
* Admission is free for junior high school students and younger, persons with disabilities, and seniors (65+) residing in Osaka City.
* Exhibitions require an additional charge.

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