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With the purpose of establishing a world-class art museum, Osaka City has been promoting “Nakanoshima Museum Island Initiative”. Artrip Museum is a gateway for the City’s outstanding modern art collection, which will be the central features of the plan. ≫ more

Osaka Museum of Modern Art Gallery

Our Collection

Here you will find 25 works selected from over 4,900 pieces housed in Osaka City Museum of Modern Art.

Yuzo Saeki

World of Saeki Yuzo

Osaka City Museum of Modern Art holds the largest collection of Saeki Yuzo works in Japan. Adding to his best-known paintings, Artrip Museum introduces his life and footsteps in Paris to show the creative career path of this exceptional painter.

Gutai Pinacotheca on the WEB

Gutai Pinacotheca on the WEB

Discover the unique activities of the Gutai Art Association, which had a significant impact on the art of postwar Japan. Also learn about Yoshihara Jiro, the Osaka-born avant-garde artist who was Gutai’s leader.

Agency for Cultural Affairs

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016

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