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Matsui Ichiro
Matsui Ichiro
Mayor of Osaka

Osaka is the largest city in western Japan, and it has a long history of 1,500 years.
In ancient times, Osaka used to be the capital of Japan and a gateway for international exchange, and since early-modern times, it has played a major role in the development of Japan’s industry and economy while flourishing as a center of commerce and finance.

Today, Osaka City has the second largest gross city product in Japan and continues growing thanks to its various strengths in not only its market size and well-developed city infrastructure but also in its tourism, culture, sports, technology, and industry.

The Kansai metropolitan area, with Osaka as its core, has a population of approximately 21 million and a gross regional product (GRP) amounting to 696.2 billion dollars (in 2015). With the area’s huge market in mind, many enterprises actively conduct their businesses in a wide range of industrial fields and many universities and research institutes engage in high-level research and academic programs.

Osaka City also has abundant tourism resources such as the city scenery symbolizing an Aqua Metropolis, arts and culture that preserves history and traditions in historic sites and cultural properties, a diverse food culture, and amusement parks including Universal Studios Japan. In addition, thanks to its excellent transport network including the 24-hour Kansai International Airport, Osaka welcomes over 11.4 million tourists from overseas in one year (2018).

The City of Osaka will optimally utilize its strengths and resources in preparation for the World Expo 2025 that will be held at Yumeshima, an artificial island located in the Osaka Bay area. Through this exposition, efforts will be contributed toward resolving issues that humanity faces; in addition to spreading the charismatic appeal of Osaka-Kansai to the world as well as substantially revitalizing the regional economy.

Under the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives,” as many as 28 million people from all over the world will gather in Osaka over six months in 2025, where they can learn and experience exciting futuristic concepts.

The aspiration is to have “OSAKA” leave a deep impression that will touch the hearts of people from around the world; and also let our children who are bound for future global achievements, envision a life filled with hopes and dreams. I genuinely wish to realize such a future.

Osaka strives to build its presence in the world, for it is one of the two centers of Japan that drives the country’s overall growth. Our city is proceeding with efforts made for Osaka’s growth; for example, improving city infrastructure multiple purposes such as business and sightseeing as well as attracting people and enterprises.

I truly hope that everyone around the world will come to Osaka and experience all the special features it has to offer.

Matsui Ichiro
Mayor of Osaka

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