Renewal of Yamatogawa River
@The old Yamatogawa river was running into 3 rivers at Kashiwara, Tamakushigawa, Nagasegawa and Hiranogawa, towards north and northwest. When it once rained long, people often suffered from flood for its complicatedly divided stream, short of depth at the bottom of river-bed and low and damp ground extend along the stream. Suffering from a severe flood especially in the 2nd year of Empo (1674), Kawanaka Kyubei who was a village headman of Imayone (Higashi Osaka City) and others planned to replace the stream and they made all sorts of efforts to realize their project, but he died before he could realize his aim. His eldest and the third son and others followed his wish. And at last they accomplished the work of about 14,5 kilometers in length and 180 meters in width in 8 months by driving the shogunate into action in the first year of Houei (1704). Some people lost their fields by the renewed river but the ground of the old river was used for the cultivation of cotton and the region got prosperous for its commercialized agriculture without any flood.


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