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Should a crisis*1 occur, all government offices shall be directly coordinated so that a quick and comprehensive city-wide response can be made. Also, efforts shall be made in policy planning to prepare for natural disasters, provide public education and preparedness drills.

Organizational Structure

Office of Emergency Management

  • Matters relating to the overall control of emergency management during a crisis*1
  • Matters relating to citizen safety
  • Receiving commands from higher authorities regarding emergency response measures, and the control and supervision of bureau managers and other employees

Emergency Management Section

Head of Emergency Management

  • Basic policy planning with regard to emergency management and the coordination of communications
  • Overall control of emergency response during a crisis*1
  • Matters related to the Disaster Response Headquarters
  • Surveys and studies related to emergency management
  • Matters related to disaster prevention conferences
  • Public education to raise awareness of the importance of preparedness to prevent loss or damages in a crisis*1
  • Matters related to disaster relief, condolence monies for losses or injuries suffered in a natural disaster, disaster relief funds, monies to support the rebuilding of victimsElives

Head of Citizen Protection Planning

  • Matters relating to legislation for the protection of citizens


Emergency Management Section

Established together with the Office of Emergency Management in April 2004 to provide assistance in case of a crisis.

*1 “CrisisErefers to a natural disaster, large-scale accident or other unexpected event that causes, or a situation that threatens to cause, the loss of human life, injury, or significant property damage to citizens.

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