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 Medical Expense Aid for Children

Program name

Medical Expense Aid for Children (Child Medical Expense Aid System)


In this program, subsidies are provided to guardians of a child to cover part of the copayment for medical treatment and medicine paid to medical institutions such as clinics, hospitals and pharmacies using health insurance (excluding fees for home nursing care). However, subsidies are not provided for items not covered by health insurance such as an extra charge bed fee.

When a child received medical treatment or medicine at hospitals, the guardian of the child is required to pay part of the copayment up to two days a month in the amount of 500 yen or less per day for inpatient/outpatient visit to respective medical institutes.
PThe amount of the part of the copayment to be borne by the recipient is restricted to 2,500 yen per month. If the total payment per month exceeds the limit, the excess amount can be refunded if you apply.


Residents of Osaka City who are enrolled in health insurance and meet the following requirements:
IChildren aged 0 to 15 (until the first March 31 after their 15th birthday.)

The income of the father or mother, whichever is higher, is less than the specified income limit.

For example, a person with a dependent: with an income less than 6.6 million yen (Standard income: 8.756 million yen)
* children aged 0 to 12 (until the completion of elementary school).
* Please contact the Health & Welfare Center in your ward for details about income limits such as deductions for medical expense.
* For applications for medical expense aid submitted between January and June, the income n the year before the previous year is considered your income, while for applications submitted between July and December, the income of the previous year is considered your income.

The following children are not eligible to receive medical expense aid.
A child on welfare
A child who is eligible to receive Subsidies for Medical Treatment of Severely Disabled Persons or Health Expenditure Aid System for Single Parent Households
A child receiving medical benefits for childcare under the Child Welfare Law
A child who is eligible to have all medical costs covered by the governmen
A child whose guardian earns income more than the income limit mentioned above


Please apply to the Health and Welfare Center in your ward. When applying, bring the health insurance certificate with the name of the child for whom the aid is given and a personal seal (not rubber stamp). People meeting the above requirements will be given a Child Medical Expense Aid System certificate.

* People who have moved to Osaka City from another municipality may be required to submit additional documents such as an income certificate.


Medical Expense Aid Section of the Health and Welfare Center in your ward
Child and Family Section, Children’s Care Division, Children and Youth Bureau

TEL:06-6208-7971 FAX:06-6202-4156

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