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Service name

Temporary Childcare Services


Childcare centers and other facilities take care of preschoolers who are not enrolled in childcare centers when parents who live in Osaka City urgently/temporarily need to use childcare service for 2 weeks or less or continuously need to use childcare service for 3 days or less due to sickness, nursing care, ceremonial occasion, work/job training/school attendance or alleviation of child raising burden.

Fee (Daily)

〈Weekdays (Monday to Saturday)〉

Age 0–1: 2,700 yen
Age 1–2: 2,000 yen
Age 3 or older: 1,200 yen

* Lunch and some extra fees are not included.

〈Holidays (Sundays, national and other holidays)〉

Age 0–1: 3,600 yen
Age 1–2: 2,700 yen
Age 3 or older: 1,600 yen

* Lunch and some extra fees are not included.

Households on welfare: None

Single-parent households or households with a person/persons with disability, which are exempt from income tax or municipal tax: None

Households exempt from municipal tax: 50% of the fee

* Fee for children aged 0 on weekdays (Monday to Saturday): 1,300 yen

* Fee for children aged 1 to 2 on holidays (Sundays, national and other holidays): 1,300 yen


Directly apply at the facilities that provide the services.


Facilities concerned or Administrations Section, Children’s Care Division, Children and Youth Bureau
TEL:06-6208-8111~2 (Japanese only)

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