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Use of Day-care Services


When a guardian is unable to look after children due to work or illness and if an application filed by a guardian is approved, young children at least 6 months of age (as a general rule) who have not yet entered elementary school are eligible for use of the day-care facilities and programs. Services may be unavailable when facilities are at capacity or when the child is not suited to being raised in a household environment. Below is a list of facilities and programs.

Available facilities/program
Day-care centers
Certified children homes
Community-based day-care program (for children up to 2 years old)
Guardians eligible for day-care services are those in which both guardians cannot provide childcare for any of the following reasons.
  1. The guardian is regularly employed for 48 or more hours per month
  2. The guardian is pregnant or has recently given birth
  3. The guardian has contracted an illness or suffered an injury, or has a mental or physical disability
  4. The guardian’s live-in relatives (including those admitted to long-term hospital stays) are receiving regular nursing care
  5. The guardian is recovering from an earthquake, fire, flood, or other disaster
  6. The guardian is conducting recruitment activities (ahead of launching a business) for a continued period of time
  7. The guardian is attending school
  8. For any other reasons deemed necessary by the Director of the Health and Welfare Center


Costs associated with day-care services(day-care fees) are determined according to the household’s municipal taxes.


Please use the designated forms to apply with the Welfare Manager at the Health and Welfare Center in your ward.


Welfare Section of the Health and Welfare Center in your ward

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