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Child Raising
 Local Child-Rearing Support Base Project

Project name

Local Child-Rearing Support Base Project


The Local Child-Rearing Support Base Project aims to create an environment in which parents can raise children with no anxiety by providing places where children under about three years old and their parents can interact with each other, while decreasing the burden and anxiety of child rearing and offering consultation.

(Content of the project)

  Providing places where parents with small children can interact with each other, and promoting their interaction
  Offering consultation and support for child raising
  Providing local information on child raising.
  Implementing courses on child raising and child raising support.

* Among local child-rearing support bases, Local Child-Rearing Support Centers are involved in efforts to improve the environment for child rearing through the combined efforts of local communities, making use of the functions and personnel of day-care centers, which have accumulated knowledge and knowhow of child rearing, in cooperation with relevant institutions and groups involved in child-rearing support activities.


Project Sites
or Administrations Section, Children’s Care Division, Children and Youth Bureau
  TEL:06-6208-8111/8112 (Japanese only)

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