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 Family Support Center Service

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Family Support Center Service


This is a community-based mutual-aid membership program that connects members in urgent need of childcare with members who are ready to offer the service. If you need someone to take your child to or from a daycare center or kindergarten or look after the child during your absence due to an emergency, you can use the temporary childcare service.
*Under this mutual-aid support program, childcare is provided based on an agreement between the member who needs the service and the member who provides it. Accordingly, sometimes the service cannot be provided for various reasons, such as unavailability or inconvenience of the members providing the service.


800 or 900 yen per hour, plus actual expenses of transport, meals (milk), snacks, etc.


Complete the membership registration at the branch office of the Family Support Center in your local ward in advance.
For the list of branch offices of the Family Support Center in each ward, visit:


Administrations Section, Children’s Care Division, Children and Youth Bureau
  TEL:06-6208-8111/8112 (Japanese only)

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