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 Youth Center (KOKO PLAZA)

This center provides places for training or meetings regarding youth group activities and fostering of youth, offers training to develop leaders for youth activities, disseminates information about youth activities, and conducts various events relevant to youth.
Meanwhile, this center provides young people with a place where they can take part in creative activities, such as practicing, producing and appreciating artistic presentations of various kinds, including music, dance and visual arts. Through these efforts, the center aims to assist youth in pursuing their creative activities based on their own initiative, and promote active interaction among them.

In the center, there is a youth hostel where those who want to perform creative activities at the center without interruption can stay. The hostel is also a good place to promote interaction among young people from Japan and all over the world.

Nearest station

1-13-13 Higashinakajima, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
About 5 minutes’ walk from the east exit (south side) of Shin-Osaka Station on the JR Kyoto Line (Tokaido Line)
Ten minutes’ walk from the central ticket gate of Shin-Osaka Station on the Subway Midosuji Line

Opening hours

Opening hours: 9:00–22:00
Closed: 3rd Wednesday of each month (if this day falls on a holiday, the center will be closed on another day), year-end and New Year holidays
(The youth hostel is open throughout a year. Check-in: 16:00–23:00; Check-out: 6:00–10:00)


Youth Center (KOKO PLAZA)

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