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Board of Education composition / Board of Education organization

Board of Education composition
School superintendent


The Mayor appoints the school superintendent from among those who are of principled character and have a deep insight into educational administration, with the approval of the Osaka City Council.
Tenure 3 years


Fixed number of members

Appointment The Mayor appoints members of the Board with the approval of the City Council, noble character and insight for education, science and culture.
Tenure 4 years

School superintendent Shinji YAMAMOTO
Deputy school superintendent Sonomi HAYASHI
Board member Motohisa TAKAO
Board member Kazuo NISHIMURA
Board member Kumiko OBINO

Board member

Yoshitaka MORISUE

The secretariat was established to perform duties coming under the authority of the Board of Education. Its responsibilities are defined by regulations regarding division of duties of the Secretariat to the Board of Education, City of Osaka.

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