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Guide to Minato Ward Office and Minato Ward Public Health and Welfare Center


1-15-25 Ichioka, Minato-ku, Osaka 552-8510
    tel : 06-6576-9986
    Fax : 06-6572-9511




From Exit #3 on Osaka's Subway System Chuo Line Bentencho Station or JR Kanjo Line Bentencho Station, take Route 43 south for 400 meters, and turn west at Ichiokamotomachi 3chome intersection and continue on for 350 meters.

Service hours

9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday

  • *Some windows of the office extend the business hour until 7:00 pm every Friday.
  • *Some windows of the office are open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm on every 4th Sunday.
  • *The office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and Dec. 29th to Jan. 3rd.

Service guide

1st Floor - Public Services Window
Public Services Window Residents Registration Office Residents Registration, Residents Cards, Certificate of Seal Impression, Housing Indication, etc. 06-6576-9963
Elementary and Middle Schooling 06-6576-9964
Alien Registration Office Alien Registration, etc. 06-6576-9965
Family Registration Office Notification and Certification of Family Registration, etc. 06-6576-9961
Certificate of City Tax Office Issue of Certificate of Taxation, Temporary driving permit  
Public Services Window Administration Office Payment of National Health Insurance, etc. 06-6576-9946
Insurance Office National Health Insurance, Elderly Medical System, etc. 06-6576-9956
The National Pension, etc. 06-6576-9959
2nd Floor - Public Health and Welfare Center (Support and Administration)
Support & Administration Office Primary Support Office Medical Treatment,  Administration of Livelihood Protection, Welfare Commissioner, Juvenile Committees, etc.  06-6576-9872
Secondary Support Office Livelihood Protection Procedures and Consulting, etc. 06-6576-9873
3rd Floor - Public Health and Welfare Center (Public Health and Welfare)
Public Health and Welfare Office Public Health and Welfare Office Consultation for the Elderly, Disabled People, the Juvenile, Welfare for Fatherless Family, Medical Support, Child Allowance, Solutions for Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, etc. 06-6576-9857
Parenting Support Office Mother and Child Welfare, Single Parent Family Medical Subsidies, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence Counseling, Parenting Support Office, etc. 06-6576-9856
Health Consultation Office Health Consulting, etc. 06-6576-9968
Nursing Insurance Office Nursing Insurance, etc. 06-6576-9859
Health Management Office Health Checkup for Infants, Vaccination, Issuing Maternity Passbook, Cancer Checkup, Health Promotion, Dietary Consultation, etc. 06-6576-9882
4th Floor
Public Health Office Western Office of Living Environment Inspection Applications for Business Liscenses and Permits of Food Hygiene for Restaurants and Other Food Serving Facilities Application for Business Liscenses and Permits for Hairdressers, Laundry Shops,Swimming Pool Sites, and Small Water Supply System. 06-6576-9240
Environment Bureau Seibu Environmental Monitoring & Protection Department Applications for Environmental Pollution Control, Pollution Complaint Procedure. 06-6576-9247
5th Floor (Urban Planning Support Center)
No. 51 (Support for Regional Activities and Crisis Management)   No. 51 (Support for Regional Activities)
Regional Human Resources Development, Local Communities, and Intermediate Support Organizations Partnership with Regional Groups, Citizen Groups, and Companies 06-6576-9884
Disaster Prevention Planning and Regional Disaster Prevention Disaster Prevention Planning, Regional Disaster Prevention, etc. 06-6576-9881
Educational Support and Human Rights Education Educational Support, Human Rights Education and Counseling, Youth Programs, and Continued Learning 06-6576-9975
No. 52 (Creation of Community Appeal)   No. 52 (Creation of Community Appeal)
Creation of Community Appeal and Regional Economic Revitalization Creation and Promotion of Community Appeal, Regional Economic Revitalization, etc. 06-6576-9927
Crime Prevention, Promotion of Bicycle Use, and Greenification Regional Crime Prevention and Safety, Promotion of Bicycle Use, Flower- and Tree-planting Programs, etc. 06-6576-9743
6th Floor - General Affairs & General Planning
General Affairs Office General Affairs of Ward Offices, Election, Sales of Certificate Stamp of Osaka City, etc. 06-6576-9625
Ward Policy Administration Ward’s Administrative Reform, Voice of People, Legal Advice, Ward’s Public Relation Paper and Home Page, etc. 06-6576-9683

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