Osaka City Minato Ward:Ocean Gateway to international marquee city, Osaka

Overview of Minato Ward

Overview of Minato Ward

At one time the areas of Minatoku were wet lowlands developed on the mouth of the Yodo River where it was reclaimed for the development of rice fields at the end of the Edo era, and it has been largely expanded as the entrance of Osaka from the sea since 1903, by the completion of the Chikko Great Pier and the establishment of the municipal streetcar.

Later on, shipping and distribution companies gathered around the area of Osaka harbor, and in 1925, the year of the ward's birth, the prosperity of the ward was immense with the population of 280,000.

Due to damages by wars, storms and floods, the harbor had to be restored, but restoration was delayed due to such events. However, finally, the functions of the harbor were restored by reconstruction of the harbor and raising of the ground over 90% of the area, and the new development has been started.

Following the world trend of waterfront redevelopment, Kaiyukan, the world class aquarium, the Giant Ferris Wheel, museums, and resort hotels were built in the bay area, and ORC200 opened in front of Bentencho Station.

In addition, Yahataya Park was renovated to become a full facility park. Osaka City Chuo Gym, which is half underground and the Osaka Swimming Pool were built, both of which contribute to the city by allowing people to gather in the areas of culture, business, entertainment, sightseeing, and sports.

Land of Minato Ward

Long and narrow in shape, Minato Ward runs east and west between the gateway to Osaka Harbor on the west, the Ajigawa River on the north, and the Shirinashigawa River on the south.

Flowers of Minato Ward

Because this ward has a number of places famous for cherry blossoms which are recognized throughout the world to be the representative flower of Japan, and an abundance of sunflowers that bravely greet the morning sun befitting the image of a developing ward, these have been chosen as Minato Ward Flowers.


Statistics of Minato Ward


  Minato Ward Remarks
Area(m2) 7.9 September 1, 2010. Provisional Estimate.
Population 84,947 September 1, 2010. Provisional Estimate.
  Male 41,761 September 1, 2010. Provisional Estimate.
Female 43,186 September 1, 2010. Provisional Estimate.
Population Density 10,753 September 1, 2010. Provisional Estimate.
Households 40,713 September 1, 2010. Provisional Estimate.
Household Members 2.06 September1, 2010. Provisional Estimate.
Number of
Alien Registration
2,039 March 31, 2010. Provisional Estimate.
Number of Parks /Area(m2) 31/264,585 April 1, 2011.
& Enterprise/Employee
4940 /48,888 Establishment and Enterprise Census.
Tax Revenue
(Thousand yen)
11,271,224 2009 Collected Amount.


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