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Evacuation Shelters in an Emergency

How to evacuate in the face of a natural disater.

To avoid panic in an emergency, confirm the nearby evacuation shelter and safety routes in advance.  In case of disasters caused by heavy rain, Tsunami, and fire etc. ,  evacuation warnings and instructions will be announced not only through the loudspeakers of elementary schools and the ward office but also on TV and radio.  Pay close attention to the weather information and prepare for immediate evacuation before evacuation  announcements,.

Wide-area shelters
   In the case of a severe fire, large areas such as parks provide a safe place for refuge.
Temporary shelters
 Open spaces, parks and school yards can be used as temporary shelters.
Accommodation shelters
   Elementary and junior high schools can be used as shelters to accommodate for affected citizens who lost their homes due to a natural disaster.

pictWide Area Shelter 広域避難場所
1 Yahataya Park 八幡屋公園 3-1, Tanaka
- Chishima Park 千島公園 2-1, Chishima, Taisho-ku

pictAccommodation Shelter 収容避難所(Established according to the requirement of the situation)
1 Minato High School 港高等学校 2-3-1, Namiyoke
2 Ichioka High School 市岡高等学校 2-12-12, Ichioka Motomachi
3 Ichioka Commercial High School 市岡商業高等学校 1-5-23, Benten
4 Ichioka Higashi Junior High School 市岡東中学校 3-2-18, Ichioka Motomachi
Ichioka Junior High School 市岡中学校
1-5-21, Isoji
6 Kohnan Junior High School 港南中学校 1-5-28, Misaki
7 Minato Junior High School  港中学校 1-5-35, Ikejima
8 Chikko Junior High School 築港中学校 1-2-41, Chikko
9 Namiyoke Junior High School 波除小学校 3-6-8, Namiyoke
10 Benten Elementary School 弁天小学校 2-9-35, Benten
11 Isoji Elementary School 磯路小学校 3-7-7, Isoji
12 Minami-Ichioka Elementary School 南市岡小学校 2-6-35, Minami-Ichioka
13 Ichioka Elementary School 市岡小学校 3-2-24, Ichioka
14 Tanaka Elementary School 田中小学校 2-10-34, Tanaka
15 Misaki Elementary School 三先小学校 2-6-32, Misaki
16 Ikejima Elementary School 池島小学校 2-5-47, Ikejima
17 Yahataya Elementary School 八幡屋小学校 3-3-5, Yahataya
18 Kohsei Elementary School 港晴小学校 1-3-12, Kohsei
19 Chikko Elementary School 築港小学校 1-10-38, Chikko

pictTemporary Shelter 一時避難所
1 Hogetsu Park 抱月公園 2-2, Namiyoke
2 Hogetsu Sho Park  抱月小公園 4-6, Namiyoke
3 Namiyoke Park 波除公園 5-5, Namiyoke
4 Ichioka Sho Park 市岡小公園 2-9, Ichioka Motomachi
5 Ichioka Motomachi Park 市岡元町公園 3-12, Ichioka Motomachi
6 Benten Nishi Park 弁天西公園 2-4, Benten
7 Benten Park 弁天公園 3-5, Benten
8 Benten Higashi Park 弁天東公園 5-12, Benten
9 Benten Wharf Park 弁天埠頭公園 6-7, Benten
10 Isoji Central Park 磯路中央公園 2-17, Isoji
11 Minami-Ichioka Park 南市岡公園 2-7, Minami-Ichioka
12 Minami-Ichioka Nishi Park 南市岡西公園 2-12, Minami-Ichioka
13 Ichioka Central Park 市岡中央公園 1-3, Ichioka
14 Ichioka Nishi Park 市岡西公園 1-15, Ichioka
15 Ichioka-Hama Park 市岡浜公園 4-2, Ichioka
16 Ichioka Park 市岡公園 4-6, Ichioka
17 Higashi Tanaka Park 東田中公園 1-1, Tanaka
18 Ishida Park 石田公園 1-7, Tanaka
19 Yunagi Park 夕凪公園 2-6, Yunagi
20 Kohnan Park 港南公園 1-5, Misaki
21 Misaki Park 三先公園 2-3, Misaki
22 Ikejima Park 池島公園 2-4, Ikejima
23 Irifune Park 入舟公園 1-4, Yahataya
24 Irifune Minami Park 入舟南公園 3-4, Yahataya
25 Yahataya-Minami Park 八幡屋南公園 4-3, Yahataya
26 Kohnan-Minami Park 港晴南公園 2-8, Kosei
27 Kosei-Higashi Park 港晴東公園 3-11, Kosei
28 Kosei-Kita Park 港晴北公園 4-17, Kosei
29 Chikko-Minami Park 築港南公園 1-2, Chikko
30 Tempozan Park 天保山公園 3-2, Chikko

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