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Onogawa Ryokuin Doro with its shaded sidewalks is a pleasant place where ward residents can rest and relax. (Green Promenade)
Onogawa-suji, a 6km long, 26-31m wide street running along the river connecting Kanzakigawa and Shin Yodogawa from upstream and crossing Hamboku channel, Nakajima Daisuido (aqueduct), and Ono-gawa leading to the center of the industrial area of Nishiyodogawa Ward, was constructed to replace a waterway that for many years was indispensable to residents in connection with boat traffic, irrigation, water, flood control, but underwent changes in keeping with the times.

However, with the pumping of underground water gave rise to ground sinkage and on numerous occasions it had been hit by wind and flood damage until its function as a waterway diminished year by year and the water pollution odor became stronger and stronger.

For this reason, as an anti-pollution measure and to improve the environment, starting from 1970 to 1972 the Onogawa-suji ground-filling project began. It was decided to use this historical landmark to construct a luxuriously green, shaded walking trail and bicycle path.

Onogawa Ryokuin Doro (appx. 3.8km long and 19 - 47m wide) extends from Hatcho Ohashi historical site to Yodo-no-mizu-hashi historic site.

The construction began in 1971 and was completed in 1979.

The street is lined with approximately 10,000 tall and 120,000 low trees of 100 different varieties, among which can be seen 30 kinds of plants used for medicinal purposes. Fertilization, pruning, insect prevention, weeding and cleaning require many hands. The street is loved by residents of the ward as a wonderful spot to relax.
Photo: Onogawa Ryokuin Doro1

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