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Port of Sakai-Semboku

The Port of Sakai-Semboku

The Port of Sakai-Semboku is located along the Osaka Bay, connecting the three cities of Sakai, Takaishi and Izumiotsu. The area of the port covers 11,740 ha and stretches 14 km from north to south and up to about 10 km out to the sea. In the Middle Ages, Sakai Port prospered as Japan’s major port in trade with China during the Ming Dynasty and the Europeans (“Nanban trade”). In the Showa period (1926 to 1989), Semboku Port was established. Both ports are the predecessors of today`s Port of Sakai-Semboku. From the early 1950s, with the development of the Sakai-Semboku Coastal Industrial Zone, the ports of Sakai and Semboku experienced significant growth and were combined into the “Port of Sakai-Semboku” in 1969.

Nowadays, the Port of Sakai-Semboku serves the local economy as one of Japans` many export bases for used cars, and as an energy supply base for crude oil, liquefied natural gas and others.