大阪市都市工学情報2次情報(一覧) - 英文論文集(OSAKA and Its Technology)
0101 Urban Transport and The Environment 都市交通と環境 No.1[1982]
0102 A NOx Diffusion Model in an Urban Area and lis Application to the Urban Planning. 大気汚染拡散モデルと都市計画への応用 No.1[1982]
0103 New-Tram,The New Transportation System in South Port Area of Osaka 新交通システム(大阪南港ニュートラム) No.1[1982]
0104 Road and Amenity 道路と快適環境 No.1[1982]
0105 Revitalizing The Central District of The City - Urban Renewal of Osaka City - 都市の若返り No.1[1982]
0106 Ground Improvement Technique for Vast Reclaimed Land by Combination of Vertical Drains and Dewatering 埋立地の地盤改良技術 No.1[1982]
0107 Study on Ecology and Control of Housefly at a Waste Disposal Site イエバエの生態並びに防除 No.1[1982]
0108 Continuous Water Quality Monitoring System Using Telemetry and Establishment of Automatic Method 水質常時監視と自動計測 No.1[1982]
0109 Computer-aided Command and Control System for Fire-Fighting and Ambulance Services コンピュータ消防指令システム No.1[1982]
0201 Bridges in Port Area of Osaka City 港湾地域の橋梁 No.2[1982]
0202 Circumstances of Water Use and Water-Saving Measures 水使用実態と節水対策 No.2[1982]
0203 Halophilic Bdellovibrio and Bacterial Predators Distributed in Estuarine Environments 好塩性ビブリオと捕食性細菌 No.2[1982]
0204 Studies on Treatment of Waste Water from Office Buildings and Sludge in Water Works ビル廃水及び上水スラッジの処理技術 No.2[1982]
0205 A Study of Energy Conservation - Oriented Buildings- An Investigation on an Energy Conservation-Oriented Building Method for Municipal Buildings 省エネルギー建築 No.2[1982]
0206 Soil Engineering Studies on the Banking Construction of Tsurumi Park 鶴見緑地盛土造成 No.2[1982]
0301 Urban Development Strategy for Osaka City 大阪市都市計画の基本構想 No.3[1983]
0302 Construction of Abeno Station on The Tanimachi Line of Osaka Municipal Subway Using the Shield Method 地下鉄谷町線阿倍野駅シールド工法 No.3[1983]
0303 Construction of Tennoji-Benten Trunk Sewer 天弁(下水)幹線の建設 No.3[1983]
0304 SIL.B PROCESS- A New Method for the Solidification Treatment of Sludge - スラッジ固定化処理方法 No.3[1983]
0305 Studies on Deodorization by Activated Sludge 活性化汚泥による悪臭除去技術 No.3[1983]
0306 Estimation of Long-Term Average Concentration of NO2 in Areas Adjacent to Trunk Roads 道路のNO2推計方法 No.3[1983]
0307 Development of A Soil Waste Recycling Plant and its System 掘削残土のリサイクル No.3[1983]
0308 Upright Wave-dissipating Caisson-Type Breakwaters and Dikes 直立消波ケーソン式防波堤と護岸 No.3[1983]
0401 Relationship Between the Growth Activity of Plants and Air Pollutants in Osaka 植物活性度と大気汚染 No.4[1983]
0402 Contents of Heavy Metals and Synthetic Organic Compounds in Plankton from the Estuary and Harbor Area in Osaka City プランクトンの重金属及び人工有機化合物濃度 No.4[1983]
0403 Construction of Waste Disposal Site by Sea-filling and Measures for Environment Preservation 廃棄物海面埋立てと環境保全対策 No.4[1983]
0404 District Information System for Osaka City 地域情報システム No.4[1983]
0405 Development of a Fog Stream-Fire Extinguishing System for Medium-and High-Storied Buildings (Apartments, etc.) 中高層建物に対する噴霧消火システム No.4[1983]
0406 Monitoring System of Acute Toxicity Upon the Breathing Rate, Heart Beat and Avoidance Reaction of Fish 魚類による原水有毒物質監視 No.4[1983]
0501 An Evaluating System for Street Landscape and Its Application 街路景観の評価システム No.5[1984]
0502 A Demand Forecast System for Railway Passengers in the Metropolitan Area with the City of Osaka 都市圏の鉄道需要予測システム No.5[1984]
0503 Basic Investigation on Water Pollution Control Problems in the Yodo River System 淀川水系の水質保全調査 No.5[1984]
0504 On Characteristics of the Cross-Sectional Deformation Two Single-Web Main Girder Bridges with Steel Plate Decks 鋼板版2主桁橋の変形特性 No.5[1984]
0505 Application of Fire Prevention Engineering for the Disaster Prevention City Plan 火災工学と防災都市計画 No.5[1984]
0506 An Outline of Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute- Centering on Facilities and Activities in the Field of Polymer Chemistry - 高分子分野を中心とした工業研究所の紹介 No.5[1984]
0601 Grade Separation between Roads and Railroads under City Planning 都市計画としての道路と鉄道の立体化 No.6[1984]
0602 VVVF Inverter Control System for Electric Car - 3-Phase Induction Motor Driving System - VVVFインバータ制御法 No.6[1984]
0603 Experiment of Secondary Sewage Treatment Using Contact Aeration Process 接触曝気法による下水の2次処理 No.6[1984]
0604 Facsimile System for Fire Fighting Operation 消防活動とファクシミリ No.6[1984]
0605 Production Mechanism of Trihalomethane in Drinking Water - Hydrolysis Reaction of the Trihalomethane Intermediate and Production Reaction of Bromine containing Trihalomethane - 水道のトリハロメタン生成機構 No.6[1984]
0606 Fish Containing Large Amounts of Nontriglyceride Lipids 非トリグリセリド油脂を含む魚 No.6[1984]
0701 Problems of High Density Cities and the Vein System of Man 静脈システムと大都市問題及び付属資料 No.7[1985]
0702 NOx Diffusion Simulation in Urban Areas and its Application to Air Quality Management Planning 大気汚染拡散シミュレーションと大気浄化への応用 No.7[1985]
0703 The Project of the City of Osaka to Provide the Citizens with Shopping Information- A Report Focussing on "the Daily Standard Retail Price Bulletin" and "the Regional Difference Indexes of Consumer Prices" - 買物情報の提供 No.7[1985]
0704 Development of the Nanko Port Town 南港ポートタウン開発 No.7[1985]
0705 Pneumatic Municipal-waste Conveying System as Part of Regional Environment Improvemen Project- Case in South-port Town of Osaka City - 都市ゴミ空気輸送施設 No.7[1985]
0706 Underground Stormwater Detention Reservoir - Project Planning and Construction 平野川街路下調節池 No.7[1985]
0707 Occurrence of Fire-induced Wind and Fire-induced Vortex on Large-scale Earthquake Fire 大震火災時の熱気流・熱旋風 No.7[1985]
0708 Aseismatic Calculation for Buried and Its Application to Executive Design of Water Service Pipelines 水管路の耐震設計法 No.7[1985]
0801 Heat Recovery from Incineration Plant and Materials Recovery in Osaka City 焼去除熱回収と物質回収 No.8[1985]
0802 Experiment for the Reduction of Trihalomethane and Musty Odor Substances in Tap Water by Ozonation /Granular Activated Carbon Treatment トリハロメタンとカビ臭物質の低減化 No.8[1985]
0803 A Study Based on the Actual Condition of Utilization of the Cyclists Roads 自動車道の利用実態 No.8[1985]
0804 Planning of Terminals with Flowers and Greenery 花と緑のターミナル計画 No.8[1985]
0805 On the New Features of a Stork Cage Construction コウノトリ舎の建設 No.8[1985]
0901 The Urban Redevelopment in Osaka City 大阪市の都市再開発 No.9[1986]
0902 Redevelopment Project in the Urban Area 市街地再開発事業 No.9[1986]
0903 Redevelopment Project in Residential Area 住宅地再開発事業 No.9[1986]
0904 Land Readjustment Project 土地区画整理事業 No.9[1986]
0905 City-Planning for the 22nd Century in Osaka- Ariadne Proposals - アリアドネ提案(アリアドネ会議) No.9[1986]
1001 Pipe Rehabilitation Works in Osaka 管路更新の計画的実施 No.10[1987]
1002 Conception of "Park Planning"- An Approach to Basic Residential Area Parks in Osaka City - 住区基幹公園へのアプローチ No.10[1987]
1003 Illumination of City Parks 都市公園の照明 No.10[1987]
1004 Mass Spectral Library Search System for Analysis of Environmental Chemicals 環境科学解析におけるマススペクトル検索システム No.10[1987]
1005 Formation of Sophisticated Information Intensive Society and of the Metropolitan Nucleus in the 21stCentury 高度情報化社会と21世紀の都市核形成 No.10[1987]
1101 Sewage Works in Osaka City 下水道事業概要 No.11[1987]
1102 Construction of Naniwa Grand FIoodway なにわ大放水路 No.11[1987]
1103 Treatment of Wet Weather Influent in Combined Sewer System Using Sloping-Plate Sedimentation Tanks 傾斜沈澱板装置 No.11[1987]
1104 Significant Energy Saving for Aeration System- Study on Aeration Performance in Deep Aeration Tanks - 深層エアレーションタンクによる省エネルギー No.11[1987]
1105 Study on Sludge Melting Process and Effective Utilization of Slag Generated 生成スラグの有効利用 No.11[1987]
1201 Storage and Infiltrations Measures- One of the Synthetic FIood Control Conutermeasures in the City - 貯留浸透による洪水対策 No.12[1987]
1202 Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute and Osaka Koken Kyokai 工業研究所と工業研究協会 No.12[1987]
1203 Variation in Virus Particles as Detected by Electron Microscopy in Fecal Extracts of Infants with Nonbacterial Gastroenteritis 非細菌性胃腸炎患児のウィルス No.12[1987]
1204 Creation of Urban Landscape by Greening - Greening and Landscaping in Osaka City - 緑による都市景観 No.12[1987]
1205 Damage to Streetlined Trees by Borers and the Countermeasures- An Example by Platanus occidentalis along the Chikko-Fukae Line - せん孔性害虫 No.12[1987]
1206 Bus Service Improvement Strategies- Mainly Regarding Bus Transfer Terminals - バス乗継ターミナル No.12[1987]
1301 Housing Situation and Population Changes of Osaka City 住宅事情と人口 No.13[1987]
1302 Housing Policy Measures and Objectives in Osaka City 住宅政策 No.13[1987]
1303 Construction of Quality Housing by Public Bodies 公共住宅建設 No.13[1987]
1304 Public Assistance and Control to Private Construction of Housing 民間助成 No.13[1987]
1305 Promotion of Improvement of Living Environment 大規模開発 No.13[1987]
1306 The 21st Century Housing Activities Plan- Hope Plan for Osaka City - HOPE計画 No.13[1987]
1401 Studies on the Effluent Pollution Control of Osaka North Port Solid Waste Disposal Site (North Section - Site II, III) 北港廃棄物処分地北地区2・3区放流水対策 No.14[1988]
1402 Leachate's Organics Removal Mechanisms in the Combined Facultative Pond and Aerated Lagoon System at the Sea-Based North Port Solid Waste Disposal Site 北港廃棄物海面埋立地における浸出水中有機物の除去機構 No.14[1988]
1403 Energy-Saving via Improved Anaerobic Digestion Process Adopting Centrifugal Thickening 高濃度消化法における省エネルギー対策 No.14[1988]
1404 Disinfection of Water by Ozone and Oxidation of Manganese in Water Purification Process- Experiment with Pilot Plant - 浄水処理過程でのオゾンによる消毒とマンガンの酸化 No.14[1988]
1405 Practical Application of Recycling of Excavated Surplus Soils from Road Construction 道路工事におけ掘削残土のリサイクルの実施 No.14[1988]
1406 A Study on the Mechanical Properties of Improved Soil 改良土の工学的特性に関する研究 No.14[1988]
1501 On the 40th Anmiversary of the Osaka Fire-Fighting Forces 大阪消防40周年を迎えて No.15[1988]
1502 Command and Information System of Fire-Fighting Operation 火災救急指令業務自動化システムの概要 No.15[1988]
1503 Computer System for Fire-Prevention Administration 消防業務電算処理システムの概要 No.15[1988]
1504 Profile of the Fire Bureau of the Osaka Municipal Office 大阪市消防局のプロフイル No.15[1988]
1601 Outline of the EXPO Site Plan 花博会場計画の概要 No.16[1989]
1602 Sakuya Konohana Kan"- The Great Conservatory - 咲くやこの花館 No.16[1989]
1603 Flowers and Greenery of Osaka 大阪の花と緑 No.16[1989]
1604 Coustruction of Subway Line No. 7 for Access to the EXPO Site 博覧会会場への足地下鉄7号線建設 No.16[1989]
1605 Transport Plan and Road Development for the International Garden Exposition, Osaka, Japan, 1990 (EXPO '90) 花博に関する輸送計画と道路整備 No.16[1989]
1606 International Garden and Greenery Exposition Sound Scape Design 花博における音の環境デザイン No.16[1989]
1701 Goods Movement in City of Osaka 大阪市における物資流動 No.17[1989]
1702 Technoport Osaka Project- Sets the stage for the information-intensive society of the 21st century - 大阪の未来を開くテクノポート大阪 No.17[1989]
1703 Outline of Automobile Pollution Prevention Plan by Osaka City Government 大阪市自動車公害防止計画の概要について No.17[1989]
1704 Water Pipe Management System in Osaka 配水管路に係る情報管理 No.17[1989]
1705 Overall Traffic Improvement Measures and Revitalization of the Bus System along Taisho Street 大正通の総合交通対策と都市新バスシステム No.17[1989]
1801 Osaka The Aquapolis of the 21st Century 21世紀の水都 No.18[1990]
1802 River Environment Improvement Measures in Osaka City 大阪市における親水対策の一例 No.18[1990]
1803 Establishment and Improvement of open Green Spaces for Port and Harbor Scenery Planning 港湾景観を創出する緑地整備についてNo.18[1990]
1804 Water Supply Sources and Purification System in Osaka City 大阪市の水道水源と浄水処理の変遷 No.18[1990]
1805 Sewerage Works and Their Effect on Water Polution Control in Osaka City 大阪市における下水道整備と水質保全 No.18[1990]
1806 Water Pollution Control Measures in Osaka City (Clean Water Plan 1983) 大阪市における水質汚濁防止対策について No.18[1990]
1901 The Comprehensive Transportation Policy in OSAKA City 大阪市の総合交通政策 No.19[1990]
1902 Development of an Underground Traffic Network at "Diamond Area" in Front of Osaka Station 大阪駅前ダイヤモンド地区地下交通ネットワーク整備事業 No.19[1990]
1903 Linear Motor Driven Car of Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line, Subway 地下鉄鶴見緑地線のリニアモータ車両 No.19[1990]
1904 Communication Facility for Osaka City Subway Tsurumi ryokuchi Line 地下鉄鶴見緑地線の通信設備 No.19[1990]
2001 Electrical Facilities Control System of Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau 大阪市交通局電気指令システム No.20[1991]
2002 Transportation and Urban Development in Osaka City 大阪市における都市交通開発 No.20[1991]
2003 Osaka Municipal Telemetric Monitoring System for Tap Water Quality Control 水質遠隔監視システムによる市内給水栓水の水質管理 No.20[1991]
2004 Elevated Camera Data Gathering System 「高所カメラ情報システム」についてNo.20[1991]
2101 The History of International Cooperation in Osaka 大阪における国際協力の歴史 No.21[1991]
2102 International Technological Exchange at the Osaka Municipal~ Technical Research Institute 大阪市立工業技術研究所における国際技術交流 No.21[1991]
2103 How the Osaka City Government Approaches Technical Cooperation with Developing Countries- Experiences of an expert in urban transport planning for .JICA in Malaysia 大阪市の開発途上国への技術協力について No.21[1991]
2104 Overseas Assistance in Port and Harbor Engineering 港湾技術に関する国際援助について No.21[1991]
2105 Technical Cooperation for Waterworks in Kenya ケニヤでの水道技術協力について No.21[1991]
2106 The Environment Plan of Osaka City-Urban planning friendly to people and the environment 大阪市における環境計画 - 人と環境にやさしい都市計画 No.21[1991]
2107 The UNEP Environmental Technology Centre and The Global Environment Centre Foundation 国連環境技術センターと財団法人地球環境センター No.21[1991]
2201 City Planning for Urban Amenities - Urban Design of Osaka City アメニティづくりの都市計画 - 大阪市の都市景観 No.22[1993]
2202 Comprehensive Measures for Car\parking in Osaka City 大阪市における総合駐車対策 No.22[1993]
2203 Environmental Conservation Measures in the City of Osaka 大阪市における環境保全対策 No.22[1993]
2204 Introducing a Computer Mapping System to Osaka Municipal Waterworks Bureau 大阪市水道局へのコンピュータ地図情報システム導入 No.22[1993]
2301 Underground Shopping Malls in Osaka 大阪地下商店街 No.23[1993]
2302 Construction and Improvement of Space for Pedestrians in Osaka 大阪市における歩行空間の建設と改善 No.23[1993]
2303 Sewage Treatment Plant Environmental Color Planning 下水処理プラント環境色計画 No.23[1993]
2304 Tempozan Harbor Village Plan 天保山ハーバービレッジ計画 No.23[1993]
2401 Water Pollution Countermeasures in the City of Osaka 大阪市における水質保全対策の取組について No.24 [1994]
2402 Building Guidance Administration 建築指導行政について No.24 [1994]
2403 Research in Advanced Water Treatment in the City of Osaka(Removal of Ammonia Nitrogen by the Addition of Phosphoric Acid in Ozone and Granular Activated Carbon Treatment, and Water Quality Standards Concerning Pesticides Used for Golf Courses and their Be 大阪市の高度浄水処理に関する研究調査研究 No.24 [1994]
2404 Artwork for Osaka City General Hospital 大阪市総合医療センターアートワークについて No.24 [1994]
2501 Restoration of the Shirokita River-From a Canal to a River - 城北川の再生 ~運河から河川へ~ No.25 [1994]
2502 Osaka's Greenery-Recycling Project 大阪市緑化推進プロジェクトNo.25 [1994]
2503 Utilization of Wastewater Subjected to Advanced Treatment for the Improvement of Osaka City's Environment 大阪市環境改善のための先進技術を用いた汚水活用 No.25 [1994]
2504 Harbor Redevelopment Project; Tempozan Harbor Village 港湾再開発プロジェクト ~天保山ハーバービレッジ~ No.25 [1994]
2601 Roles of Osaka in the Metropolis -Present and Future 大都市圏としての大阪の役割 -現状と将来-No.26 [1995]
2602 Creating the New Attractions of Osaka as a Residential City- Basic Approach to Recovering the City's Population - 大阪市の人口回復策 No.26 [1995]
2603 Economic Situations of Osaka City and Vitalization Plans 大阪経済の現状とその活性化策 No.26 [1995]
2604 The Nanko Air Cargo Terminal (NACT) 南港航空貨物ターミナル No.26 [1995]
2605 New Undersea Tunnel in Osaka Bay 新しい大阪港の海底トンネル No.26 [1995]
2606 Construction of Osaka Municipal Subway Line No. 7 Osaka Business Park Station by Slurry Type Triple Multiface Shield Method 三連型泥水式MF(マルチフェース) シールド工法による地下鉄第7号線大阪ビジネスパーク駅の建設について No.26 [1995]
2701 100 Years of Water Supply System Development in Osaka City 水道100周年の歴史 No.27 [1995]
2702 Water Resource Development and Water Quality Conservation in Osaka City 水資源開発と水質保全の変遷 No.27 [1995]
2703 Changes in Water Purification Technology 浄水技術(高度浄水処理を含む)の変遷 No.27 [1995]
2704 Reinforcement of Water Distribution Control System 配水設備・管理の充実-配水コントロール・マッピングシステム- No.27 [1995]
2705 Changes of Supply Service System 給水サービスの変遷 No.27 [1995]
2706 Changes in Leakage Prevention Measures in Osaka City 漏水防止対策の変遷・今後の対応 No.27 [1995]
2707 Changes in Piping Materials in Osaka Municipal Waterworks Bureau 使用配水管の変遷 No.27 [1995]
2801 Bus Location System and Comprehensive Bus Operation Management System in Osaka City Special Feature: Osaka Dome Construction-Community Development Centering around Osaka Dome: Iwasakibashi- 大阪市バスロケーションシステムと集中運行管理 No.28 [1995]
2802 Community Development Centering around Multi-purpose Dome 多目的ドーム(大阪ドーム)を核としたまちづくりの計画 No.28 [1995]
2803 Construction and Operation of Osaka Dome 大阪ドームの建設計画・事業計画 No.28 [1995]
2804 Comprehensive Urban Development Project in Iwasakibashi District 大阪ドームを核とするまちづくりの基盤整備 No.28 [1995]
2805 Formation of New Multiple Urban Centers in Osaka 大阪の新しい複合都市拠点形成のために No.28 [1995]
2901 Masterplan for Cityscape in Osaka 大阪市景観形成基本計画 No.29 [1996]
2902 Guidelines for Buildings along Midosuji Boulevard 御堂筋のまちなみ誘導 No.29 [1996]
2903 Grand Design of Osaka as a New City of Water 新水の都大阪グランドデザイン No.29 [1996]
2904 The "Green Hill Stream" in Tsurumi-ryokuchi EXPO'90 Commemorative Park 花博記念公園・鶴見緑地「緑のせせらぎ」 No.29 [1996]
2905 Creation of a New Water Environment Using Effluent of Advanced Wastewater Treatment 下水の高度処理水を利用した水環境創造 No.29 [1996]
3001 An Outline of the Basic Environment Plan of the Osaka City Government 大阪市環境基本計画概要 No.30 [1997]
3002 Effort toward Controlling Air Pollution-caused Automobile Exhaust 自動車排気ガス汚染対策 No.30 [1997]
3003 Environmental Education and Study in Osaka City 大阪市環境教育・環境学習 No.30 [1997]
3004 Local Agenda 21 Osaka(Action Program for Global Environmental Conservation) 大阪ローカルアジェンダ21(地球環境保護に向けてのアクションプログラム) No.30 [1997]
3005 Environmental Impact Assesment System in Osaka City 大阪市環境アセスメント No.30 [1997]
3101 Networking of Underground Traffic in the Osaka Station Diamond District 大阪駅ダイアモンド地区の地下交通ネットワーク No.31 [1997]
3102 Comprehensive Information Networks of the Sewerage System in Osaka City 大阪市下水道情報ネットワークシステム No.31 [1997]
3103 Memorandum on Mutual Disaster Relief among 12 Municipal Waterworks Bureaus 12大都市水道局災害相互応援に関する覚え書き、及び同実施項目 No.31 [1997]
3104 Osaka Municipal Waterworks Earthquake Preparedness Improvment Plan 21(Basic Concept) 大阪市水道・震災対策強化プラン21 No.31 [1997]
3201 Osaka City's Earthquake Preparedness Improvement Measures 大阪市耐震強化手法 No.32[1998]
3202 Seismic Retrofitting for Bridges in Osaka City 大阪市における橋梁耐震対策 No.32[1998]
3203 Measures to Cope with Earthquake in Port Facilities 港湾施設耐震対策 No.32[1998]
3204 Measures to Protect Osaka City's Subway Lines Against Earthquakes 大阪市地下鉄耐震対策 No.32[1998]
3205 Response to the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and the Promotion of Measures for Earthquake Disaster Preparedness by the Osaka Municipal Fire Department 消防局の阪神淡路大震災への対応及び震災対策 No.32[1998]
3301 Background and Current Status of the Olympic Bidding Campaign in Osaka City 大阪市におけるオリンピック招致活動の経過と現状 No.33[1998]
3302 Minatomachi Project - Development of Osaka's New Gateway to the World- Completion of OCAT Building as the First Step in the Project - 国際集客都市大阪の玄関口:湊町プロジェクト-トリガープロジェクトのOCATビルの完成- No.33[1998]
3303 Osaka City's Large-scale Residential Development in Its Waterfront Areas 大阪市におけるウォーターフロントを活用した大規模住宅開発 No.33[1998]
3304 Nagahori Streeet Redevelopment Plan -Construction of Spacious Underground Complex (Underground Shopping Mall, Parking Lots, and Subway Facilities)- 長堀通整備事業大阪市地下鉄耐震対策 大規模地下複合施設(地下街・駐車場・地下鉄)の建設 No.33[1998]
3401 Relations between Economic Trends and General Waste from Business Sources in Osaka City 大阪市における事業系一般廃棄物と経済動向 No.34[1999]
3402 A Standard of Slip Resistance for Pedestrian Road Pavement 歩行者系道路舗装のすべり抵抗基準 No.34[1999]
3403 Technological Development for Reducing Dioxins in Exhaust Gas from Waste Incinerators ごみ焼却工場排気ガス中のダイオキシン類削減技術開発の取り組み No.34[1999]
3404 Present Status and Future Tasks of Environmental Countermeasures on the(Yumeshima) of Osaka North Port Sea-based Solid Waste Disposal Site South Section 北港廃棄物海面処理場南地区(夢洲)の環境対策の経緯と現状、今後の課題 No.34[1999]
3501 Konohana Western Bay Area Redevelopment Project- Universal Studios Japan as a Core of the Redevelopment - 此花西部臨海地区の再開発プロジェクト-ユニバーサル・スタジオジャパンを核とした再開発- No.35[1999]
3502 Permeable Fired Block "RAITO" 透水性スラッジレンガ「らいと(来都)」 No.35[1999]
3503 Extension and Upgrading of New Transportation System New Tram- Linked Operation Service with Osaka Port Transport System's Line - 新交通システム・ニュートラムにおけるシステムの更新-(株)大阪港トランスポートシステムとの相互直通運転- No.35[1999]
3504 Prepaid Card Fare System "Surutto KANSAI" ストアードフェアシステム「スルッとKANSAI」 No.35[1999]
3600 The History of Osaka City 千年都市大阪まちづくり物語 No.36-37[2000]
3700 Osaka's Urban Development in Perspective 千年都市大阪まちづくり物語 No.36-37[2000]
3801 Osaka Maritime Museum なにわの海の時空館(大阪海洋博物館) No.38[2000]
3802 Land Reclamation in Hokko District of Port of Osaka 大阪港北港地区の埋立造成地について No.38[2000]
3803 Water Supply to a Large Reclaimed Site (Maishima) Using a Water Service Tower 舞洲送水塔の設置 No.38[2000]
3804 Fire-fighting Information System "ANSIN"(Advanced Network System for Intelligence and Navigation) 安心システム No.38[2000]
3901 Construction Plan of Osaka Municipal Subway Line No. 8 大阪市地下鉄第8号線の建設計画 No.39 [2000]
3902 Pursuit of People-Friendly Public Transportation Service- Installation of Elevators and Escalators under the "Second EEMACHI Plan" - ひとにやさしい公共交通機関を目指して-「第2次ええまち計画」によるエレベーター・エスカレーター整備- No.39 [2000]
3903 Outline of Osaka Municipal Art Space 大阪市立「芸術創造館」の概要 No.39 [2000]
3904 Construction of the Maishima Incineration Plant (provisional name) (仮称)環境事業局舞洲工場の建設 No.39 [2000]
3905 Construction of a Floating Swing Bridge - Yumemai Bridge 夢洲~舞洲連絡橋(仮称)旋回式浮体橋の建設 No.39 [2000]
4001 Is the Influence of Environmental Pollutants on the Health of Urban Inhabitants Altered by Aging? 大都市居住者の高齢化に伴う環境汚染物質による健康影響について~ラットを用いたモデル実験~ No.40 [2001]
4002 Construction of Maishima Sludge Center 舞洲スラッジセンターの建設 No.40 [2001]
4003 Rooftop Fire Surveillance Camera System and Helicopter TV Transmission System for Disaster Information Gathering 災害情報収集システムとしての高所カメラ情報収集システムとヘリコプターテレビ電送システム No.40 [2001]
4004 Basic Greenery Plan for Osaka City 大阪市緑の基本計画 No.40 [2001]
4101 Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau Leverages Information Technology for 21st Century 大阪市交通局の21世紀に向けたITの活用 No.41 [2001]
4102 The Osaka Municipal Housing Information Center- basis for comprehensive housing information service- 大阪市立住まい情報センター~住まいに関する総合的情報発信拠点~ No.41 [2001]
4103 Developing Attractive Residential Zones by Exploiting Local and Historical Characteristics- HOPE Zone Projects in the Hirano-go district and the area around the Sumiyoshi Taisha shrine - 地域性、歴史性の発展的継承と居住地の魅力づくり~HOPEゾーン事業「平野郷地区」、「住吉大社周辺地区」~ No.41 [2001]
4104 •The Promotion of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) 大阪市におけるITSについての取り組み No.41 [2001]
4105 •Advanced Water Treatment in Osaka 大阪市における高度浄水処理について No.41 [2001]
4201 Waterfront Development and Soil Improvement 臨海部開発と地盤工学 No.42 [December 2002]
4202 Harbor Surveillance Radar/Camera System 港湾監視レーダー・カメラ監視システム構築について No.42 [December 2002]
4203 Treatment of Lead in Water Pipe in Osaka City 大阪市における鉛管対策について No.42 [December 2002]
4204 Construction of Inflow Manholes by the Upward Shield Tunneling Method 上向きシールド工法(THE UPWARDSHIELD)による流入人孔の建設 No.42 [December 2002]
4301 Molecular Epidemiology of Tuberculosis - Usefulness against Tuberculosis and Application in Osaka City - 結核の分子疫学 -結核対策における有用性と大阪市における結核分子疫学- No.43 [April 2003]
4302 Construction Plan for Stations of Osaka Municipal Subway Line 8 - Coping with Difficult Situations in Close Vicinity of Important Structures - “重要構造物との近接・交差”大阪市営地下鉄8号線駅部の施行計画 No.43 [April 2003]
4303 Osaka City Sign Systems for Visitors 大阪市案内システム(観光客向け) No.43 [April 2003]
4304 Development of Osaka Visitor-friendly Sign System 大阪市観光案内表示システムの整備 No.43 [April 2003]
4305 Umeda Area Synergetic Sign System Development Project Promoted as a Hazard Reduction Project 地下街の防災対策として推進された梅田地域共通サインシステム No.43 [April 2003]
4401 Osaka City's Commitment to Urban Revitalization 大阪市の都市再生に向けての取り組み No.44 [March 2004]
4402 Redevelopment of Osaka Station North District, the Last Remaining Large-scale Site for Urban Redevelopment in Osaka City Center 大阪駅北地区のコンペと全体構想 No.44 [March 2004]
4403 Demonstrative Experiments of "Ubiquitous Midosuji Boulevard" Plan ユビキタス御堂筋の実証実験 No.44 [March 2004]
4404 Osaka City Urban Revitalization Program 大阪市都市再生プログラム No.44 [March 2004]
4501 The Third World Water Forum and the Fourth International Conference of Aquapolises (ICAP) 世界水フォーラム No.45 [March 2004]
4502 Initiatives for Restoring "Water Metropolis Osaka" 水都大阪の再生 No.45 [March 2004]
4503 Dotombori Riverfront Development Project 道頓堀の水辺整理 No.45 [March 2004]
4504 Bridges: Highlights of Osaka's Urbanscape 橋が創る大阪の都市景観 No.45 [March 2004]
4505 Development of Water Supply/Distribution Centers by Osaka Municipal Waterworks Bureau 水道の給排水拠点の整備 No.45 [March 2004]
4506 Initiatives to Improve Combined Sewer Systems 合流式下水道の改善 No.45 [March 2004]
4601 The Design and Construction of the Chitose Bridge 千歳橋の設計と施工 プレースドリブアーチ橋 No.46 [December 2004]
4602 Ecological Approaches for Improvement of Biological Diversity in Osaka City, Central Japan - Application of butterfly fauna data to theory of island biogeography - 日本の中央部、大阪における生物種の多様回復のための生態学的アプローチ No.46 [December 2004]
4603 Effective Use of Information Technology (IT) in Land Readjustment 区画整理におけるIT活用 No.46 [December 2004]
4604 Water Purification Technology Research and Development (R&D) Program for Osaka City Waterworks 大阪市水道 浄水技術 R&D Programについて No.46 [December 2004]
4701 Establishment of Basic Plan to Improve Transportation Accessibility in Osaka City -大阪市における交通バリアフリー基本構想の策定- No.47[March 2005]
4702 Issues in Formulating Basic Plan to Improve Transportation Accessibility at Large-scale Terminals (PDF 219KB) 大規模ターミナルにおける基本構想策定の課題-大阪市天王寺・阿倍野地区を事例に- No.47[March 2005]
4703 Current Status and Future Directions of Housing Policy of Osaka 大阪市の住宅政策の現状と今後の方向 No.47[March 2005]
4704 Reinforcement of Cable-Stayed Bridge (The Kamome Bridge) Constructed on Reclaimed Land to Deal with Ground Settlement and Traffic Load Increase 埋立地に位置する斜張橋に対する活荷重大型化および沈下対策補強について No.47[March 2005]
4801 Installation of Information and Guidance Signs in the Namba Terminal (underground shopping mall) 難波ターミナル(地下街)の案内・誘導サインの整備 No.48 [February 2006]
4802 Water Quality Management Program for Osaka City Waterworks 大阪市の水道と水質管理 No.48 [February 2006]
4803 Design, Construction, and Management of an Allotment Garden Included in the Overhead Facilities of Hanaten Sewage Treatment Plant 放出下水処理場上部利用施設における市民農園の設計、施工及び管理について No.48 [February 2006]
4901 The Special Districts for Urban Renaissance in Osaka City 大阪市における都市再生特区について No.49 [March 2006]
4902 Revitalization of the Shinsaibashi Area through a Special District for Urban Renaissance 都市再生特別地区を活用した心斎橋地域の再生 No.49 [March 2006]
4903 Osaka City’s Community Development Activity Support Program 大阪市まちづくり活動支援事業について No.49 [March 2006]
4904 Measures Concerning Small-Sized Building Lots or Joint Rebuilding in the Land Readjustment Project in the Area around Awaji Station 淡路駅周辺地区土地区画整理事業における小規模宅地対策 共同建替えへの取り組みについて No.49 [March 2006]
5001 Basic Guidelines for Enhancing Information Access for Osaka --Realization of Osaka Ubiquitous City-- 大阪市情報化基本指針 No.50 [March 2007]
5002 Development of Osaka Station North District: Projects for Creating a "Greater Umeda" 大阪駅北地区の開発について No.50 [March 2007]
5003 Osaka Port & Harbor Plan (Revised) 大阪港港湾計画(改定)について No.50 [March 2007]
5101 Barrier-Free Measures in the City of Osaka 大阪市におけるバリアフリー施策 No.51 [March 2008]
5102 Barrier-Free Projects for City-Operated Subways, New Tram and City Buses 市営地下鉄・ニュートラムおよび市バスにおけるバリアフリーの取り組み No.51 [March 2008]
5103 Road Projects for Barrier-Free Transportation 道路建設におけるバリアフリーの取り組み No.51 [March 2008]
5201 Encouragement for Urbanscape Designing 大阪市の都市景観形成と景観法 No.52 [March 2009]
5202 Public Transportation and Urban Policies of Osaka City 大阪市の公共交通とまちづくり No.52 [March 2009]
5203 Regarding CASBEE Osaka (Comprehensive AssessmentSystem for Building Environmental Efficiency for Osaka City) CASBEE(大阪市建築物総合環境評価制度)について No.52 [March 2009]
5301 Nakanoshima Park Redevelopment Master Plan 中之島公園再整備基本計画 No.53 [March 2010]
5302 Guidelines for Rooftop Greening 屋上緑化ガイドライン No.53 [March 2010]
5303 Report on mist-spraying experiments utilizing tap water , as conducted by the Waterworks Bureau of the Osaka City Government 大阪市水道局における水道水ミスト散布に係る取り組みについて No.53 [March 2010]
5401 Model Project for a Ubiquitous Neighborhood-Watch Robot ユビキタス街角見守りロボットモデル事業について No.54 [March 2011]
5402 Development of Ukiniwabashi Bridge 浮庭橋の整備について No.54 [March 2011]
5403 Initiatives for Developing Hanshin Port as a "Strategic International Container Port" 阪神港国際コンテナ戦略港湾の取り組みについて No.54 [March 2011]
5501 Introducing "Umechika Navi", the First Underground Shopping Mall Route Guide Service in Kansai 関西発の地下街経路案内サービス「うめちかナビ」について No.55 [March 2012]
5502 Public-Private Partnership Venturing into International Scene - Establishment of Osaka City Water & Environment Solutions Association 官民連携による国際展開 ~大阪市 水・環境ソリューション機構の設立~ No.55 [March 2012]
5503 A Study on Asset Management of Underground Structure for Subways 地下鉄構造物のアセットマネジメントに関する研究 No.55 [March 2012]
5601 Establishment and practical application of earthquake-resistant design to water purification facilities to allow for ground liquefaction 地盤液状化を許容する浄水施設耐震設計法の構築・実用化 No.56 [March 2013]
5602 Passenger flow analysis to facilitate movement in high passenger volume stations 多客駅における移動円滑化のための乗客流動解析 No.56 [March 2013]
5603 Method Used to Determine the Necessity of Replacement of Aged Bridges in Osaka 大阪市における高齢橋の架替検討手法 No.56 [March 2013]