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The Osaka City Council consists of councilors elected by the citizens. Japanese citizens who are at least 18 years old and have been continuously residing in the city for three months have the right to vote for a city councilor during an election. Residents with voting rights who are at least 25 years old are eligible to become candidates for City Council.


The local law states that the City Council must have 83 members. Each of the city 24 administrative wards are designated as electoral districts during an election, and the number of councilors elected in each ward is, as a principle, proportional to the population of that ward. The term of a councilor is four years, with no limitations as to the number of terms.

The President and Vice-President

The President represents and chairs the City Council.The President and Vice-President are elected among the councilors for terms of four years; however, these positions are traditionally changed every year in the Osaka City Council.


City Councilors form factions based on different political beliefs and agenda.

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