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Evacuation sites

    Wide-Area Evacuation Site
      Evacuation sites in times of large-scale disasters, such as large fires due to earthquakes
Site Names Address
(Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka)
Nakajima District Nakajima 1-chome
Dekijima District Dekijima 3-chome
Tsukuda District Tsukuda 2-chome

    Refuge Sites
      Buildings where you can take a refuge in times of disaster
Site Names Address
Tel. No.
Kashiwazato Elementary School 13-33,Kashiwazato 2-chome 06-6474-5225
Nozato Elementary School 21-13,Nozato 2-chome 06-6473-0301
Utajima Elementary School 5-18,Utajima 2-chome 06-6473-7021
Kamino Elementary School 5-25,Mitejima 6-chome 06-6474-5210
Mitejima Elementary School 3-5-5 Mitejima 06-6475-7111
Tsukuda Elementary School 21-12,Tsukuda 1-chome 06-6474-1024
Tsukuda Nishi Elementary School 15-30,Tsukuda 2-chome 06-6474-8012
Tsukuda Minami Elementary School 12-12,Tsukuda 5-chome 06-6478-1424
Owada Elementary School 3-24,Owada 4-chome 06-6472-0121
Himesato Elementary School 8-24,Himejima 2-chome 06-6474-5555
Himejima Elementary School 10-4,Himejima 1-chome 06-6473-0121
Fuku Elementary School 5-23,Fukumachi 2-chome 06-6473-1471
Kawakita Elementary School 11-20,Nakajima1-chome 06-6473-0041
Dekijima Elementary School 2-24,Dekijima 2-chome 06-6474-8080
Utajima Junior High School 11-9,Utajima 2-chome 06-6471-0197
Yodo Junior High School 13-6,Owada 6-chome 06-6473-0691
Nishi Yodo Junior High School 10-5,Himejima 6-chome 06-6473-7121
Yodo Commercial High School 3-15,Nozato3-chome 06-6474-2221
Kobun Gakuen Girls’ High School 8-22,Chifune 3-chome 06-6472-2281

    Temporary Evacuation Sites
      In addition to the above, the following parks are designated as temporary evacuation sites.
Site Names Address
Hanakawa Park 9,Kashiwazato 1-chome
Kashiwazato Park 1,Kashiwazato 3-chome
Kashiwazato Nishi Park 7,Kashiwazato 3-chome
Hanakawa Nishi Park 3,Hanakawa 2-chome
Aiko Children Square 16,Hanakawa 2-
Nozato Park 9,Nozato 1-chome
Nozato Nishi Park 10,Nozato 2-chome
Nozato Kita Park 22,Nozato 2-chome
Kitanocho Park 7,Utajima 3-chome
Utajima triangular Park 20,Utajima 1-chome
Nishiyodogawa Chuo Community Square 19,Mitejima4-chome
Utajima Park 7,Mitejima 5-chome
Mitejima Park 9,Mitejima 4-chome
Mitejima Higashi Park 7,Mitejima 3-chome
Takejima Park 7,Takejima 3-chome
Takejima Nishi Park 5,Takejima 5-chome
Takejima Minami Park 4,Takejima 2-chome
Tsukuda Park 7,Tsukuda 5-chome
Tsukuda Fureai Park 1,Tsukuda 2-chome
Shin Tsukuda Park 6,Tsukuda 2-chome
Higashi Tsukuda Park 18,Tsukuda 1-chome
Tsukuda Naka Park 9,Tsukuda 3-chome
Owada Kita Park 20,Owada 5-chome
Nishi Yodo Park 1,Owada 1-chome
Owada Chuo Park 4,Owada 4-chome
Chifune Park 8,Chifune 2-chome
Himenosato Park 7,Himesato 2-chome
Uemachi Park 7,Himesato 3-chome
Himejima Daiichi Park 1,Himejima 1-chome
Himejima Park 14,Himejima 4-chome
Minami Himejima Park 6,Himejima3-chome
Higashi Himejima Park 4,Himejima 4-chome
Kita Himejima Park 21,Himejima 4-chome
Himejima Hama Park 14,Himejima 3-chome
Nishi Himejima Park 4,Himejima 6-chome
Fukumachi Higashi Park 11,Fukumachi 1-chome
Fukumachi Park 4,Fukumachi 2-chome
Fukumachi Nishi Park 9,Fukumachi 2-chome
Fukumachi Kita Park 3,Fukumachi 3-chome
Hyakushima Park 3,Hyakushima 1-chome
Shin Yodogawa Park 3,Hyakushima 1-chome
Ono 1 Children Amusement Ground 4,Ono 1-chome
Nakajima Park 22,Nakajima 1-chome
Nakajima Higashi Park 3,Nakajima 1-chome
Dekijima Nishi Park 2,Dekijima 3-chome
Dekijima Park 10,Dekijima 1-chome
Owadagawa Park 1,Dekijima 2-chome

 Designated Refuges

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