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     Since Antiquity, civilization has depended on the existence of water. Our ancestors gathered along the shores of rivers and lakes to obtain water and greenery, and developed cities there. This process characterizes the history of the human struggle against and harmonization with nature.
     The 20th century's economic and technological advances have remarkably expanded urban scale and function, while at the same time posing many contradictions and problems for urban areas.
     Industrial and population concentrations in cities changed the rainwater drainage pattern in those areas, making them move vulnerable to flood. Other urban problems related to water include land subsidence due to the use of underground water, water pollution by industrial and domestic wastewater, and water shortages resulting from increased demand. Furthermore, the decrease in waterside and verdant spaces consequent to urbanization devitalizes the daily life of the city dweller.
     As we fast approach the 21st century, the need is growing for the development of cities where;
          § nature and humankind coexist in harmony,
          § water and greenery are preserved and used to create a comfortable environment, and
          § waterside and verdant spaces are restored or created to foster scenic beauty.
     Osaka, well-known as Japan's representative "City of Water(=Aquapolis)" since the olden days, is now endeavoring to achieve further dynamic advances by restoring the water and greenery implicit in its cognomen.
     The organizer of this international conference on water and greenery sincerely hope that the leaders of cities which have nurtured unique cultures and histories through interaction with water and greenery will gather together from around the world to share their insights on that theme with mutual respect for their city identities. Such discussions will stimulate various forms of exchange among citizens, experts and administrative officials of these cities, in the quest to develop attractive cities that will lead the civilization of the 21st century.


dummy      “AQUAPOLIS”is a compound word of “aqua” and “polis”, and it stands for the city which has nurtured unique cultures and histories through interaction with water and greenery.
About the Emblem
Blue lines of left side symbolize the flow of the water. A green surface of right side symbolizes green of trees. The stairs shaped straight line of the right shoulder symbolizes a city. Then, the shape of the whole heart symbolizes the passion and friendship of the people who gather for the conference.