Taiyuji (Temple)
   3,Taiyuji-cho, Kita-ku
[ Taiyujicho ] by bus, about 200m to the southwest
 The temple belongs to Shingonsyu Koya sect and was founded by Kobodaishi.
 Minamotono Touru was the restorer of the temple.
 It is said that the name of the temple derives from his name.
 The area of it was so broad in the highest prosperity that the Ogimachi Park was said to have been its garden.
 When the battle of Osaka Castle took place, the temple was in favor of the Toyotomi family, so the domain was reduced by Tokugawa Ieyasu.
 It has a tomb called Yodogimi's (Hideyoshi's second wife).
 In the 13th year of Meiji, the 4th conference of Aikokusya was held here and an alliance was formed to call on the Meiji Government to summon the first session of the National Diet.
 This is the historic place of which the democratic movement began and spread in the country.


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