The NakanoshimaETsurumi course includes Nakanoshima district,which is the course of Osaka, and covers the area of the Osaka Port,which was the starting point of the modern, developed Osaka, the Tsurumi Ryokuchi, in which The International Garden and Greenery Exposition  was held, the Yodogawa river north of JR Osaka Station.
 Nakanoshima is dotted with historic scenes situated among modern buildings standing together and has a rambling road and Park along the riverside.
 Outside of Nakanoshima there are bustling streets surrounding Osaka Station and contrary to the bustling site we are able to find historic scenes standing still among the shopping quarters around Temma Tenjin Shrine.
 This course attracts no-ending interest as above mentioned.
 We have briefly introduced here historic scenes along the typical course, but we recommend that you should make a tour of other historic scenes out of the course.

The Course Map@
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Historic Scenes list
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P Monument of Sakuratsutsumi 22 Osaka City Road Terminal Point 43 The site of the Front Entrance of Mint
Q Shorenji(Temple) 23 Tsuyutenjinsha(Shrine) 44 Sempukan Hall
R The site of Nippon Steel Casting Works 24 Toyosaki Jinja(Shrine) 45 The site of Senshindo(private school)
S The site of Hasshuken 25 The Brithplace of Saeki Yuzo 46 The site of Kawasaki Toshogu(Shrine)
T The site of Osaka Iron works 26 Monument of Tsurunochaya 47 The birthplace of Buson
U Ebieyasaka Jinja(Shrine) 27 Tsunashikitenjinsha(Shrine) 48 Monument in memory of the Yodogawa River improvement work
V The site of Noda Castle 28 Taiyuji(Temple) 49 Uguisuzuka(old tomb)
W The site of Noda wisteria 29 Kashikutera(Temple) 50 Boonji(Temple)
X The monument of 21 persons death in battle 30 Horikawaebisu Jinja(Srine) 51 Nuezuka(old tomb)
10 Uraeshoten(Temple) 31 Osaka Temmangu(Shrine) 52 Miyakojimajinja(Shrine)
11 Tomb of Akatsuki Kanenaru 32 The site of Nishiyama Soin's residence 53 The cradle land of Osaka Municipal Waterworks
12 The monument of Sakaronomatsu 33 The site of Temma Gumi town office 54 Sakuranomiya(Shrine)
13 The site of warehouse 34 The site of Temma Greengrocery Market 55 Daichoji(Temple)
14 The birthplace of Jiunsonja 35 The site of Temma Kosyoji(Temple) 56 The site of Nodabashi Bridge
15 The Birthplace of Fukuzawa Yukichi 36 Tomb of Yamagata Banto 57 The site of Enami Castle(transmission)
16 Joyuji(Temple) 37 Tomb of Shinozaki Shochiku 58 Sekimejinja(Shrine)
17 The site of Synthetic Indigo Factory 38 The site of Ikegami Yukie Juvenile Reformatory 59 The site of Nozakimichi(Road)
18 Monument of Dojima Rice Exchange 39 The site of Genpachi Ferry 60 Shigino ancient battle field
19 The site of Sonezakigawa River 40 Kakumanji(Temple) 61 The monument of Kowakubitaema
20 The site of Osaka Central Post Office 41 The site of Nichira's tomb(transmission) 62 The site of Morishoji
21 The site of Osaka Commerce & Transfer Company 42 The old main gate of Mint 63 Achihayaojinja(Shrine)

@ Column @
The Shogi (Japanese Chess) Museum column
The Municipal Museum of Oriental Ceramics
The Osaka Central Wholesale Market column
Nakanoshima promenadeEShirokitagawa promenade
The monument of Literature column
Northern Osaka cycling road
The Namban Bunkakan column
Fujita Art Museum
Bank of Japan(Osaka Branch) column
The Kyokaido Road
Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library column
The International Garden and Greenery Exposition Commemorative Park
The Osaka Central Public Hall