Chishima Park・Showayama
  7, 2-chome, Chishima, Taisyo-ku
[ Taisyokuyakusyo-mae ]by bus
 about 50m to the north
 The earth and sand was excavated during the subway construction around here that was equivalent to the quantity of 57,000 dump trucks and land of a pond having been used for a timber yard was reclaimed here.
 The artificial hill has an area of some 11ha, a height of 35m, which was named “Showayama”in the 45th year of Showa.
 There are five, large and small hills that command a view of the harbor and subtropical plants such as a cycad and all kinds of trees are planted along the park road.
 There are as many as 50,000 azaleas worthy to be specially mentioned and it becomes the scenic spot now.
 The large Minato Ohashi Bridge is seen before your eyes.
 This area is a substantial park equipped with an open space for sports and a gymnasium.
 There is a sidewalk like a character L in the shade of trees from this park to the west, Izuo Park, which is a place of recreation and relaxation for the citizens to match with high dwelling houses nearby.
Chishima Park
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