From the ancient times Osaka has played a great role in the history ofJapan as a political and cultural center .
 Osaka abounds in precious, cultural heritage such as the sites of Paleolithic era, the Jomon, Yayoi era, the ancient site of Naniwanomiya and the site of the Osaka Castle .
 Osaka City is taking all kinds of measures to commemorate achievements of our predecessors and precious historic scenes.
 gThe road of ramble around historic scenesh is one of the measures taken, which is the typical course to connect historic scenes and old ways by the Road .

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Historic Scenes list
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P The site of Tempozan Hill 29 Tsumura Betsuin (Temple) 57 The site of Keichufs residence & his tomb
Q The site of Namiyokeyama Hill 30 Namba Betsuin (Temple) 58 The site of Morinomiya
R The site of Ichioka newly reclaimed field club 31 Deathplace of Basyo 59 Tamatsukuri Inari Jinja(Shrine)
S Cradle land of Modern Cotton Mill 32 The site of Inari Shrine Bunraku Theater 60 The site of Takemotoza
T Tomb of Ryukeizenji 33 The site of Shikando(private school) 61 The cremation place of Tetsugen
U Cradle land of Osaka Municipal Street Railway 34 The site of Osaka Tawaramono Club 62 A find place of ancient dugout
V The site of Osaka Customhouse 35 The site of Osaka Gold Exchange Market 63 The Birthplace of Origuchi Shinobu
W The site of Kawaguchi Settlement 36 The site of Osaka Conference 64 Gansenji(Temple)
X The site of Osaka Municipal Office 37 By-street of Tengo&Heigo 65 Imamiyaebisu Jinja(Shrine)
10 Monument in memory of tidal wave which was caused by major earthquakes 38 The site of Hakuenshoin (private school) 66 The site of Konishi Taizanfs residence
11 The site of Kimura Kenkado residence 39 The site of old milepost 67 Kozu Jinja(Shrine)
12 The site of Osaka Commercial Training School 40 The site of Sumitomo Copper Smelting Works 68 Ikutama Jinja(Shrine)


41 The site of Shingakumeiseisha(private school) 69 Tomb of Taiya Teiryu
14 The site of Naka Tenyufs residence 42 The site of Osaka Ginza 70 Tomb of Takeda Izumo
15 The site of astronomical observation place by Hazama Chogai 43 The site of Nishimachi Bugyosho 71 Tomb of Ueshima Onitsura
16 The birthplace of Nakamura Ganjiro 44 The site of Tsuriganeyashiki 72 Tomb of Fujiwara Ietaka(transmission)
17 The site of Kukenmachi Sakura bank 45 The site of Osaka Type Printing Works 73 Tomb of Asada Goryu
18 The birthplace of Rai Sanyo 46 The site of Hachikenya port 74 ShomaniniTemplej
19 The site of Sumo public entertainment place 47 The site of Seimikyoku 75 Kiyomizudera(Temple)
20 The site of Shinanobashi Western Painting School 48 The site of Gassan Sadakazufs residence 76 Shitennoji(Temple)
21 The birthplace of Matsuse Seisei 49 Osaka Castle 77 Masui spring water
22 The cradle place of clearinghouse 50 Osaka Municipal Museum 78 Yasui Jinja(Shrine)
23 The site of Yodoyafs residence 51 The ruins of Naniwanomiya(ancient palace) 79 Issinji(Temple)
24 The site of Teikokuza Theater 52 Ecchui spring 80 Tomb of Takemoto Gidayu
25 The site of Kaitokudo(private school) 53 Death place of Omura Masujiro 81 The site of Settsukokubunji(Temple)
26 Ogata Koanfs residence & his private school 54 Tomb of Chikamatsu Monzaemon 82 Koshindo(Temple)
27 The site of Dohza 55 Tomb of Ihara Saikaku 83 Tomb of Hirose Kyokuso
28 The site of Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry 56 The site of Naniwa Temporary Hospital 84 Kuroda old warehouse gate

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Chishima ParkEShowayama column
Osaka Human Rights Museum
Water City column
Chausuyama burial mound, Municipal Fine Arts Museum and Keitakuen
Japanese Technical Art Museum column
The Uemachi Plateau and sloping roads