The site of Shikando(private school)
  3-23, 3-chome, Minami Semba, Chuo-ku
[ Shinsaibashi ]by Midosuji and Nagahoritsurumi Line
 about 200m to the northeast
 He was born at Kita Horie in the 18th year of Houreki(1763). He gave full scope to his ability in the experiment of electricity despite of severe poverty, so he attracted Hazama Chogai's attention.
 He went to Edo by his support and learned Dutch studies from Otsuki Gentaku.
 After returning to Osaka, he translated Dutch studies on astronomy, medical science for Chogai and others while he was in medical practice.
 He opened a private school named Shikando.
 Among his disciples was Naka Tenyu, who was an earlier disciple before Ogata Koan and Fukuzawa Yukichi.
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