The site of Kaitokudo(private school)
  5, 3-chome, Imabashi, Chuo-ku
[ Yodoyabashi ]by Midosuji and Keihan Line
 about 100m to the west
 Nakai Shuan and others founded this private school in the 9th year of Kyoho(1724).
 Some charitable merchants in Osaka supported to run the school for 145 years until it was closed in the 2nd year of Meiji.
 The students ranged from the bushi class to the common people.
 The seating order had nothing to do with their social class. Students were allowed to attend late or leave early so that merchants could easily go to school.
 There were many leaders such as Nakai Chikuzan, Nakai Riken, Goi Ranshu, Goi Jiken and remarkable pupils appeared in large numbers such as Tominaga Nakamoto, Yamagata Banto and others.
 Kaitokudo Lecture is now held by Osaka University in every Summer and Autumn.
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