The site of Osaka Ginza
  2-37, Higashi Koraibashi, Chuo-ku
in front of Sansei Bld
[ Tenjinbashi ]by bus about 100m to the southwest
 The origin of Ginza dates back to the 6rd year of Keicho(1601), when Tokugawa Ieyasu set up mint of silver coins at Fushimi.
 In this mint the quality of silver was measured and it minted silver coins but it was later moved to Kyoto in the 13th year of Keicho.
 Ginza was established in Osaka at the same time but coins were not minted here.
 Silver mined from Ikuno, Iwami silver mountains chiefly and manufactured from raw material of cotton was conveyed to Kyoto from this mint.
 In addition, Ginza in Edo was transferred from Sunpu(Shizuoka Prefecture) in the 17th year of Keicho.
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