Ecchui spring
  12, 2-chome, Morinomiya Chuo, Chuo-ku
Ecchu Park
[ Morinomiya ]by Chuo, JR-Line
 about 500m to the southeast
 Here was a site of Hosokawa Ecchunokami Tadaoki's residence.
 The Ecchu spring is said to be in the compound of the residence.
 Just before the battle of Sekigahara(in the 5th year of Keicho,1600), Ishida Mitsunari intended to take as hostage all the wives and children of daimyo's staying in Osaka, but Tadaoki's wife Tamako(her Christian's name Gracia) refused to comply with his wish while Tadaoki went to war accompanying Ieyasu to attack Uesugi and killed herself by making her subordinate thrust  into her chest with a spear at age 37.
 The Catholic church near the spring has a statue of Gracia and the Christian daimyo Takayama Ukon on either side of the chapel.
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