The site of old milepost 
  Eastend of Koraibashi, Chuo-ku
[ Kitahama ] by Sakaisuji and Keihan Line
 about 350m to the southeast
 In the Edo era, people measured the distance of all the roads with the eastend of Koraibashi as the starting point.
 Kyokaido, Chugokukaido and Kishukaido started here and a fare was measured too from here.
 After the national road system was set in the force in the 9th year of Meiji, Koraibashi remained as a starting point and city road terminal point was set up at the south east end of the bridge but later was settled at the south west corner of the Umedashinmichi cross road.
 From the Edo era, Koraibashi was regarded as important among official bridges and the place of official notice of the shogunate was set up at the west end of the bridge.
 In addition, Koraibashi was the first iron bridge in Osaka(the 3rd year of Meiji).
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