The site of Gassan Sadakazu's residence
  2, 1-chome, Yariyamachi, Chuo-ku
[ Tanimachi 4-chome ]by Tanimachi and Chuo-Line
 about 150m to the west
 Osaka was one of the most active districts to cast swords.
 The swords were called Osaka Shinto(new sword) that had a distinctive feature of gracefulness and magnificence.
 Gassan family was an active successor in Osaka to the tradition of Osaka Shinto.
 Sadakazu(1836, the 7th year of Tenpo〜1918, the 7th year of Taisyo) was a representative swordworker of Osaka from the end of the shogunate to the Meiji Restoration.
 He devoted all his life to sword making and was famous for his skill of engraving.
 He was selected an Imperial House artist and casted the sword worn by the Meiji Emperor and the divine sword of the Ise Shrine.
 In addition, sword makers who were descended from his art are active now in various districts.
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