The site of Hakuenshoin
(private school)
  5, 1-chome, Awajimachi, Chuo-ku
[ Kitahama ] by Sakaisuji and Keihan Line
 about 400m to the southeast
 Hakuenshoin was a private school in the era of Edo ranked with Kaitokudo by Nakai family, Tekijuku by Ogata Koan.
 It was opened by Fujisawa Togaku in the 8th year of Bunsei, run by Kokoku, Koha for 140 years succeeded by 4 generations to contribute a great deal the educational development in Osaka.
 The long-term accumulation of the books amounted to as many as 20,000 and was now kept in the Kansai University called Hakuen Bunko.
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