The site of Naniwa Temporary Hospital
  1, 4-chome, Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku
Daifukuji Temple
[ Uehommachi 4-chome ]by bus to the east
 According to the proclamation of the first year of Meiji, the Meiji Government intended to found a school of the medical course and construct a hospital.
 Concerning school, Seimikyoku was founded but the constructions of the hospital was delayed until the 2nd year of Meiji for financial reasons.
 Daifukuji temple was used as the tentative hospital.
 The master of the hospital was Ogata Koremori(the second son of Koan), the chairman was a Dutchman named Baldwin.
 It was here for half a year and later developed to the medical department of the Osaka University.
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