The birthplace of Rai Sanyo
a historic site designated by Osaka Prefecture
  10, 1-chome, Edohori, Nishi-ku
[ Higobashi ]by Yotsubashi Line
 about 20m to the south
 Sanyo was born at his father's(Shunsui) private school named Seizansha, December, the 9th year of Ansei(1780).
 The birthplace was famous for its refined scenery facing the Edoborigawa and half of his house protruding over the face of the river and commanding a view of the scenery with wisterias and dwarfed trees in a pot.
 Sanyo wrote the “Nihongaishi” in the 10th year of Bunsei(1827) and had a great influence on the thought of loyalty to the Emperor.
 His father Shunsui was invited by Hiroshima clan as a Confucian scholar, so he moved there after he had been staying at this site for only half a year.
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