Issinji (Temple)
  8-69, Ousaka 2-chome, Tennoji-ku
[ Tennojikoenmae ] by bus about 100m to the east
 The history of the temple dates back to the time when the priest Jien founded his hermitage in the first year of Bunji(1185).
 The priest Honen also practised the meditation of the sun, “Nissokan”, at this temple.
 There was a black, front gate and a room with 8 windows for tea ceremony which Kobori Enshu was fond of, but all there buildings were burned down by the War.
 The ashes of the dead across the country are housed in the temple, so the image of Amidabutsu made of the ashes of the dead are worshipped.
 There are many graves of well-known figures in the cemetery.
 Among others the grave of Honda Tadatomo is famous for its miraculous efficacy to prevent being a bad drunk.
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