The site of Osaka Conference
  1-12, 1-chome, Kitahama, Chuo-ku
[ Kitahama ] by Sakaisuji and Keihan Line
 about 100m to the east
 Soon after the Meiji Restoration, the policy of the new government was indecisive and got thrown into confusion.
 To secure the policy, Okubo Toshimichi, with Ito Hirobumi and Inoue Kaoru intended to persuade Kido Takayoshi and Itagaki Taisuke to participate in their government, so they met together in Osaka in the 8th year of Meiji.
 It took as long as a month for them to reach a compromise after many twists and turns on the 11th of February at Kagairo, where Takayoshi had been staying.
 The conference was called Osaka Conference.
 However, the compromise was not fulfilled and 6months later the state became confusious again.
 It is significant that they first pronounced the constitutionalism in the conference.
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