Water City
 Once canals were stretched around in Osaka, which was called gWater Cityh.
 The Higashi Yokobori canal was the first planned canal dug by Hideyoshi (in the 13th year of Tensyo 1585, or the 3rd year of Bunroku 1594) as a moat of Osaka Castle.
 In the era of Edo the Yodogawa delta area was required to put in good condition so as to meet the development of Osaka, so canals were dug to supply the earth and sand for drainage of the lower field and raising of the land's level.
 The canals were also used as transportation by vessel.
 Warehouses of each clans were lined along those canals and contributed to the later development of Osaka.
 Canals were constructed ever since even in the Meiji era mainly for transportation by vessel suitable for the name of canal.
 Those canals became useless because the sewage system in Osaka was equipped and was reclaimed to treat a heap of rubble after the War and only the Higashiyokoborigawa and Dotonbori river remain now.

<The chief reclaimed canals>
‡@Temmahorikawa ‡ANagahorigawa ‡BKozuiriborigawa
‡CNambashinkawa ‡DNishiyokoborigawa ‡EEdohorigawa
‡FKyomachiborigawa ‡GKaifuhorikawa ‡HAwa(za)horikawa
‡IItachiborigawa ‡JSatsumahorikawa ‡KHoriegawa
‡LItachigawa ‡MJusangengawa ‡NSonezakigawa

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