The cremation place of Tetsugen
  10-2, 1-chome, Motomachi, Naniwa-ku
Testugenji temple
[ Namba ]by Yotsubashi Line
 about 200m to the south
 Tetsugen was born in the 7th year of Kanei(1630) in Higo(Kumamoto Prefecture) and entered the priesthood at 13.
 When a famous priest named Ingen came over to Japan, Tetsugen became his disciple in the first year of Meireki(1655) and made efforts to propagate the Buddhist Zen sect of Obaku.
 He intended to make complete wooden plates of printing on a collection of all the sacred writings of Buddhism and made a tour across the country to collect contributions.
 After around 10years of pains he completed the plates(about 60,000 pieces) in the first year of Tenna(1681).
 Before the completion he was obliged to contribute all the funds to help those who suffered from flood in Osaka in the 2nd year of Empo(1674) or made efforts to help those who suffered from famine across the county in the 2nd year of Tenna(1682).
 He died from handwork at 53 in the 2nd year of Tenna.
 The plates of printing was stored up at Manpukuji temple in Uji(Kyoto Prefecture).
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