The site of Tempozan Hill

2, 2-chome, Chikko, Minato-ku
Tempozan Park

 [ Osaka-ko ] by Chuo Line
 about 400m to the north

 When the Ajigawa river and its entrance of the harbor was dredged in the 2nd year of Tempo(1831), a lot of the earth and sand was accumulated high at this site.  It took almost 2 years for thousands of people working everyday, and a contribution by the Osaka citizens, to complete it.
 The hill was called Mejirushiyama or the hill of a land mark, for it was a good mark for vessels coming and going at the harbor and became a holiday resort of people enjoying the view of cherry-blossoms.
 After the Russian warship approached off the coast in the first year of Ansei(1864), a battery was constructed, so the view of the scenery was damaged.
The first review of the Fleet in Japan was held here in the first year of

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